Internal Grants & Support

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee, comprised of six elected faculty members, reviews and recommends the recipients of the Presidential Research Award, mini-grants, facutly conference travel grants, the Special Assistant Professor Leave program, and the Gildersleeve Professorship. The Committee also advises the Provost on policies and practices related to internal grants. All questions about the Committee or the College's grant policies should be directed to Associate Provost Patricia Denison.

2015-2016 Internal Grants Deadlines:  

Monday, October 12th

Barnard Global Symposium Faculty Fellow Applications Deadline

Mini-Grants Deadline 1

Monday, November 30th
Mini-Grants Deadline 2

Monday, February 1st
Tow Award for Innovative and Outstanding Pedagogy Proposals Deadline

Monday, February 1st

Mini-Grants Deadline 3 

Special Assistant Professor Leave (SAPL) Supplemental Grant Deadline

Monday, March 7th

Presidential Research Awards Deadline

Gildersleeve Proposals Deadline

Monday, April 4th

Mini-Grants Deadline 4

COOL Grants Deadline


Faculty Conference Travel Grants

The one-year (July 1st through June 30th) amount for faculty conference travel is $2,900. These funds do not carry over year to year. Eligible reimbursable expenses include domestic and international travel associated with scholarly presentations and conferences, and include hotel, meal, incidental travel, and registration costs. For more information, please visit Forms and Guidelines.  

Faculty Research Mini-Grants

Small grants of up to $8,000 for a two year project that fund pilot projects that will eventually result in major sponsored research grant proposals and small scholarly projects that would not qualify for external grants either because of their size or subject matter. For more information, please visit Forms and Guidelines

Gildersleeve Professorships

The Virginia C. Gildersleeve Fund was made possible by a gift fund from the Barnard Alumnae Association in 1957, on the occasion of Miss Gildersleeve's eightieth birthday. The fund is used to bring visiting scholars, preferably women from abroad, to the Barnard campus. Gildersleeve Professors may come to Barnard either for a full semester or, as has been more generally the case in recent years, for a single week in which they deliver a public lecture, attend a dinner in their honor given by the Provost/Dean of the Faculty, and engage in other activities arranged by the hosting academic department. Selection is made by the Grants Committee. Nominations are solicited from faculty members by the Provost/Dean of the Faculty in the fall. For a list of past recipients, please visit here.

Global Symposium Faculty Fellows

Each March, Barnard hosts a global symposium on women and leadership, “Women Changing…” Past events have been held in Beijing, Dubai, Johannesburg, Mumbai, and Sao Paulo, before audiences of between 200-500 attendees. For the past three years, Barnard has brought a small cohort of faculty to the event, to moderate panels, engage with panelists and audience members, participate in research related to their fields and create and solidify collaborations and connections with women in the region. The expectation is that these connections and projects undertaken in conjunction with the symposia be brought back to campus to contribute to faculty teaching, research and curriculum development; on-campus projects; or visits to campus by international scholars and activists.

Presidential Research Award

The program provides $100,000 that is divided among three to six faculty research projects. The projects should expand knowledge, probe new ground, and have the potential for major impact; build upon a faculty member’s record of productivity and creativity; and culminate in scholarly publication(s), with broader dissemination desirable, as well—connecting Barnard to New York City, the nation, the world.

Special Assistant Professor Leaves

Mini-Grants are available for Special Assistant Professor Leaves for writing and research (awardees must be demonstrably excellent undergraduate teachers in addition to showing promise of development as scholars of university stature, as confirmed by the department’s third-year review).

Tow Award for Innovative and Outstanding Pedagogy

The Tow Award recognizes an exemplary member of the Barnard Faculty who combines scholarship and pedagogy in creative ways, maximizing the impacts of both. The selection process has two phases: the screening process conducted by the Grants Committee and the final selection process decided by the President and the Provost, in consultation with the Appointments, Tenure and Promotion Committee. One recipient will be recognized each year and will receive a $10,000 research/professional development fund that can be spent over five years to further innovative pedagogies. Awards may be used for travel, conference attendance, course release (at internal rate of $7,500/semester), to development of new pedagogy, or other related activities.