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Physics course decodes the world we see and don’t see

We are collecting the experiences of our alumnae and students who studied science at Barnard. What was your most memorable course or experience? Did a particular professor inspire you? Did you go on to pursue a career in the sciences? If so we want to hear from you. (Note: The comments will not be published immediately.)


Natasha Babar '13:

As a Biology major at Barnard who is also premed, I have had many many
wonderful experiences that I am more than willing to share.One of my favorite
professors at Barnard is Prof. Krista McGuire, someone who teaches with
clarity, ease and confidence, which is helpful in the learning process. Haven
taken both Microbiology and Tropical Ecology with her, I had a
complete change in the way I viewed the world. I had never known the
importance of microbes in our lives nor that the tropics were threatened and
its consequence on the human race. Professor McGuire really encourages her
students to do the best they can, to push our boundaries and accomplish what
we might have thought was impossible as I learnt while conducting senior
thesis research with her as my mentor.

Someone who is similar to Prof. McGuire in encouraging students to be the
best they can be is Professor Steffen Foerster. Professor Foerster has
thought various courses at Barnard, notably statistics and animal behavior.
Prof. Foerster is always there when a student needs help and is more than
willing to teach students how to accomplish new feats.Though I've never had
him for a lecture course, I've had him as a senior seminar advisor. Through
my interactions with Prof. Foerster, I have learnt to overcome my fear of
statistics as well as how to write a sophisticated scientific paper,
characteristics that will further enable me to pursue a scientific career.