Barnard Student Ambassador Program

The Visiting International Students Program (VISP) is complemented by the Visiting International Student Ambassador (VISA) Program. Ambassadors are full-degree Barnard students who welcome VISP students when they arrive, help introduce them to the campus and the city, and serve as resources throughout their stay. Each VISP student is matched with a Barnard student Ambassador in the fall semester before she arrives at Barnard. Ambassadors and VISP students can begin communicating well before VISP students arrive via email, Facebook, and Skype. Once VISP students arrive on campus, they will meet their Ambassador within the first few weeks, and will continue to see them throughout the semester as they wish.

See photos of VISP students and their Ambassadors from previous semesters below!

Ambassador slideshow


Are you a Barnard student interested in becoming an Ambassador? Visit our Ambassadors page for more information!