Regulatory Agencies

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Any member of the Barnard College faculty, staff, postdoctoral, and student bodies who plans to initiate research involving human subjects must submit a protocol for IRB review prior to beginning the project. The Barnard IRB meets on the second Monday of every month while classes are in session, and as needed during the summer recess. In order to assure a timely review, please submit your application to the IRB at least two weeks before a scheduled meeting.

Click here for more information on the IRB.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Prior of Columbia University (IACUC)

Any member of Barnard College who plans to initiate research involving animals must submit a protocol for review by Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee prior of Columbia University to begin the project. The Principal Investigator (PI) on an animal protocol form is required to be an Officer of Instruction with a full-time appointment and have the rank of instructor or higher. Full-time Officers of Research at the rank of associate research scientist or above may also submit an animal protocol form. 

Adjunct Officers of Research or Instruction may be PIs on an animal protocol in exceptional circumstances. In these instances, a letter must be written by the Dean/Chairman/Director.

Click here for information about IACUC and the process for submitting a protocol.