Submit a Work Request

The Office of Facilities Services has revised and improved it's on line "Work Order Request" System to better serve the needs of the Barnard Community. The revised request form now resides and may be accessed through my.barnard portal. This placement on the Barnard portal eliminates the need for a unique Facilities assigned password. The new system also helps streamline your request by automatically filling out certain data fields and still allows you to submit work orders for any location on campus.

In order to submit a "Work Order Request", please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Student Services tab
  3. Select "Facilities Work Request" on the right-hand menu under myhousing and dining for students and under myFacilities and Public safety for Administration.
  4. Click the link to Megamation
  5. Proceed to enter your Work Order Request
  6. Click on Submit and the Work Order Request is routed to a Facilities Manager for disposition.

We encourage all members of the Barnard Community to utilize the on-line "Work Order Request" system as the preferred method to submit request for Facilities Services.

For emergencies (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), please continue to contact Facilities Services directly at X 4-2041 from campus extensions and 212-854-2041 from off-campus and dormitory extensions. After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, please contact Security X 4-3362 from campus extensions and 212-854-3362 from off-campus and dormitory extensions.

Please note that Facilities Services does not service internet connection, cable service and/or telephone services.

  • For internet connection service repairs contact the Help Desk at 212-854-7172 or
  • For cable television contact Time Warner: 212-598-1750; specify Barnard College and Dorm and room location
  • For Office Telephones, please contact CUIT.
  • For washing machine repairs, please email or leave a message at 212-854-4245 for Jody. Please make sure you include your name & room number and the location & nature of the problem.