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Information for Current Bartenders

All bartending jobs are posted on BarnardWorks. Bartenders can log on to BarnardWorks and apply to bartender jobs. Bartenders will review the jobs posted on BarnardWorks, apply directly to the client, and will be contacted by the client if hired. 

While bartenders do need to fill out an indemnification form for every bartending job they work, bartenders do not have to fill out any employment forms (W-4, WTPA, etc.) with the Beyond Barnard office. Bartenders will be paid directly by the vendor who hires them. Bartenders are required to claim earnings when filing taxes each year. Beyond Barnard does not provide tax adivce. If you have questions about how to claim your earnings or file your taxes, please contact a tax professional. 

Bartender Office Hours

The Beyond Barnard office has special bartender support available, in the form of office hours for bartenders. Student Bartender Managers are available to meet with you to provide the following services:

  • How to Navigate BarnardWorks: Learn how to use the Barnard College website to locate and apply for bartender jobs.
  • Job Coaching and Searches: Experienced bartender managers will give you special tips on bartender job expectations, provide helpful on-the-job hints and techniques, and assist with bartender job searches.
  • Bartender Profile Building:  Using the bartender skill list, power verbs for bartender profiles document, and a student's own unique experiences and qualities, Bartender Managers will assist student bartenders with creating their own Barnard Bartender Profiles, which highlight pertinent service-area skill sets important to getting hired for bartender jobs.

Please email to schedule an appointment to meet with a student bartender manager. 

Information for Students Interested in Becoming Bartenders

All students interested in becoming bartenders must attend a bartending training course and pass the bartender exam. Once students complete the training and pass the exam, they will be given access on BarnardWorks. On BarnardWorks, bartenders be able to view all of the available bartending positions, apply directly to the job postings, and will be contacted by the clients who elect to hire them. 

New Bartender Training Course 

The New Bartender Training Course is ONLY for Barnard College students. In order to become a bartender for Barnard College, you are required to pay the $25.00 registration fee (cash or check made out to Barnard College) on the first evening of training, attend the entirety of a training session, and successfully complete the Bartending Training Course Exam. 

How to become a Barnard Bartender:

  • Study the Barnard Bartender Study Guide: Click here to access the study guide.
  • Complete the Course: Attend the entire Course from start to finish and pay the $25 registration fee. 
  • Pass the Exam: Successfully complete and pass the Exam.
  • Attend: All training sessions, from start to finish.

Fall 2019 New Bartender Training Course dates:  To be Determined 

Typically the Beyond Barnard Bartender Training Course is held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday for two consecutive weeks.  Students will be required to logon to Handshake and click on "events" to register after the course dates are determined for Fall 2019.  



Information for Bartending Clients

Beyond Barnard offers a job posting site only, and does not provide bartender/client matching services.

How to Request a BarnardWorks Account to Post Jobs

Please note that professional and student staff are on site from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday only, and can be reached at 212.853.0770.

You may request a job posting account by registering here; follow the steps below, and consult this guide if you encounter any issues. 

  1. Select Bartending from the drop-down menu
  2. Complete all of the biographic and demographic information on the next page
    • In the Employer drop-down menu, choose Bartender : New Client (which is the first option at the top of the list)
    • Under Job Title, type the word Bartender

Once you complete the online form and click submit, a staff member from the Beyond Barnard office will approve your account, and then you will receive an account approval email notification. Upon receipt of the account approval email, you may begin to post bartender job opportunities.

How to Post Bartending Job Opportunities

  1. Log in to BarnardWorks
  2. On the JobX Control Panel, click on the gray Add a New Job button at the top of the page
  3. Fill out the job description form
    • For Time Frame, please select Academic Year 
    • Please list the EXACT DATE of your event in Job Title, Time & Description
      • EXAMPLE:  10/7, 2-4pm - Bartender needed
      • EXAMPLE: 11/23, 6:30-9:30pm - Thanksgiving Event Staff needed
    • At the end of the form, you will be asked the following:  Do you want to collect online applications for this job?
      • If you answer Yes  
        • Bartenders will apply online
        • You will select your bartender(s) from online job applications 
      • If you answer No 
        • Bartenders interested in your position will call or email you directly 
        • You will select your bartender(s) from phone calls or email messages that you receive from students
    • Once you click the Submit button, your job posting will be reviewed and approved by the Beyond Barnard office
  4. Review online job applications or phone/email application communication
  5. Select and hire your bartender(s)
    • Communicate directly with your new hires via email to let them know they've been hired
    • Include the event name, date, time and location
  6. Delete the job posting by moving it to Review Mode to so that it is no longer visible. Click on the job title, and then click on Review Mode


Required Indemnification Forms

The Beyond Barnard office will continue to require the signing of indemnification forms prior to hiring Barnard College student bartenders. Student bartenders hired by you/your staff/your company will be required to have an agent from the company/agency/event sign the indemnification form, and give the signed form to the bartender(s). Indemnification forms must be submitted by your bartender (after the event) to the Beyond Barnard office. Additionally, posting jobs on BarnardWorks is free to all clients. This means that there are no fees associated with posting part-time bartending job opportunities for currently-enrolled Barnard College students through the Beyond Barnard office.

Please note the following with regard to job postings:

  • There will be a disclaimer at the bottom of all postings that excludes Barnard College from any and all liability claims.
  • All students who respond to your job posting(s) are considered independent contractors, are responsible for paying their own taxes, and are covered under the disclaimer language that excludes Barnard College from any liability claims.
  • You are hiring student workers at your own risk, and we would expect that as the employer, you will be vetting your job candidates for positions you post.
  • The Beyond Barnard office will not be vetting or selecting candidates for your jobs.
  • Jobs will be posted, and approved Barnard College student employees will respond to your posting(s) without intervention from Beyond Barnard staff persons.
  • We recommend that you select job candidates that you feel most confident and comfortable employing when choosing new employees.

We very much so look forward to working with you and serving your hiring needs for the 2019-2020 academic year here at the Beyond Barnard office.


Wage Information

Customary Rates and Fees for Bartending/Event Staffing

  • $20 per hour non-holiday standard rate
  • $25 per hour for Rosh Hashanah (both nights), Yom Kippur (evening before and breakfast), Halloween, Passover (first two nights), Easter, Fourth of July, and any event in the month of December (except December 24th and 25th)
  • $32 per hour on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day $39 per hour on New Year’s Eve
  • Client provides bartenders/event staff with one-way cab fare in amount sufficient for return fare to Barnard College residence (located in the area of 116th and Broadway)
  • For events outside Manhattan, client reimburses the bartender(s) for transportation costs to-and-from event, or will provide an independent car service for the bartender/event staff pick-up and return
  • If travel time outside of Manhattan exceeds one hour each way, client will compensate for extra travel time in accordance to the hourly rate
  • Payment must be rendered for a minimum of three hours, rounded up to the next half hour
  • Gratuity of 20% is recommended