The Academic Experience

Decoding the Body Clock

Shruti Varadarajan ’20 is investigating circadian rhythms as a Summer Research Institute scholar. She recently co-published an academic paper with her research mentor, Professor Rae Silver, head of the Silver Neurobiology Laboratory. 


Critical thinking is at the core of Barnard’s interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. It’s fueled by faculty-student interaction that develops thoughtful risk-takers.

You’ll look at the Course Catalog and fill your schedule with 70 credits before remembering you’re human and no, you can’t take four classes at the same time.

Willa Smith ’20

Course Bites

My favorite class was The Social History of American Public Health taught by Professor James Colgrove. The class was the perfect intersection of medical knowledge and social history.

Nushrat Chowdhury ’19

My favorite class has been The Gendered Memoir with Jennifer Boylan, Anna Quindlen Writer-in-Residence and professor of English. She has taught me how to be a better writer and to think critically of my role as a black woman in this world.

Phanesia Pharel ’21

One of my favorite classes at Barnard has been American Monument Cultures, which was inspired by the heightened national discussion about the politics of monuments after the August 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Jade Levine ’19

At Barnard, you can create an educational experience that combines small, intimate classes in a collaborative setting dedicated to women with the vast resources of a major research university.

Through Columbia’s Language Resource Center, you can apply to be matched with a Columbia graduate student to practice your target language. In a typical semester, there are tutors for around 37 languages.

Cassandra Clifford ’21

Barnard’s faculty members conduct groundbreaking research in every discipline. And because of the College’s teacher-student model, you’ll have the chance to do faculty-mentored research.

Global Focus

Develop a global perspective with dozens of approved programs offered on four continents, plus themed faculty-led programs every year.

Jump-start your Barnard+NYC experience with high-school students from around the world, pursuing rigorous academics in one of the world’s great multicultural cities.