Mail and Packages

Delivery of alcohol to individual students (regardless of age) or student groups at Barnard is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the commercial delivery of alcohol to College residence halls or the delivery of alcohol to any student campus mail address (per the Student Handbook).

Where / How do I get my mail?

[Student Mailroom] When students enroll at Barnard, they are assigned a mail box in the Student Mail Room in Altschul Hall. Students will keep this mailbox for their entire four years at Barnard (so you don't have to change your mailing address each year).

Mail and/or packages addressed to residence hall rooms will not be accepted (see exception below for packages only at Cathedral Gardens).

Please note that the Student Mail Room cannot accept packages more than 3 days before the move-in date each academic year.  For example, First Year students for the 2016-2017 academic year (who move in on Sunday, August 28) can start having packages arrive on Thursday, August 25, 2016.  If you wish to ship packages to yourself for move-in, please ask the carrier (ex. UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) to hold the package for deliver on 8/25/16 or later.

If you have questions regarding mail services, please contact 212-854-2095 or

Where do I get my mailing address?

To find your mailbox number (and 4-digit zipcode extension) and your mailbox combination, please visit

For more information (including Mail Room hours), please visit

All student mail (including letters, periodicals, and packages) should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
???? Altschul
New York, NY 10027-XXXX

Note: ???? represents your 4-digit mailbox number; 10027-XXXX represents a zip+4 digit number assigned for your mailbox.  Both pieces of information are available on

New Students:  If your mailbox number & combination is not visible on, it has not yet been uploaded by Mail Services.  The information should be posted shortly before the start of the semester.  If you have questions, please visit for contact information.


Packages at Cathedral Gardens

Only residents of Cathedral Gardens may receive packages at their building (but not regular mail, which should be addressed to their Altschul Mail Box). The address format is:

Student’s Name
217 Manhattan Avenue
Suite/Room Number (ex. Apartment 3D6)
New York, NY 10025