Boldly Barnard

Bold & Brilliant

“When I got to Barnard, it was really the beginning of my encountering with my true self.”


Barnard has been bold from the beginning — ever since a group of women persevered in establishing New York City’s first place of higher learning that offered women the same rigorous education available to men.

Barnard is one with the City — its nonstop energy, its diversity, its boundless imagination. This is the perfect place to test possibility.


Whatever your major at Barnard, you’ll have firsthand experiences that give you a deeper understanding of the topics you explore in the classroom. You’ll produce knowledge and communicate it in new ways that can change how people understand the world.

Mindfulness training, sexuality talks, identity explorations — you don’t only feed your mind at Barnard. You learn to nourish your entire being.

A small liberal arts college with the advantages of a top-notch research university. Thanks to a historic affiliation and continued partnership with Columbia, Barnard offers the best of both worlds.