Moving Out (December 2018 or Spring 2019)


Check-Out Procedures & Deadlines

(Graduating mid-year, studying abroad for the Spring, withdrawing from the College, moving off-campus, etc.)

Any student not returning to housing and/or Barnard for the Spring must move out before 9am on Friday, December 21, 2018 (i.e. the date/time Res Halls close for Winter Break). Unfortunately, extensions are NOT available.

All Barnard residence halls close at 5pm on Friday, May 17, 2019.

  • Students who are not graduating are expected to move out within 24 hours of their last scheduled exam (or before 5pm on May 17, whichever is earlier).
  • Graduating seniors taking part in Commencement will be required to move out no later than 10am on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

To see the final exam schedule, please visit

After moving out of their room, student must complete a Check-Out Envelope at their residence hall front desk.  Students must enclose their room key(s) and building sticker from their Student ID.

Students who do not return their keys and/or complete a check-out envelope will be charged a $100 improper check fine.  Missing keys will result in a $100 per key lock change fee. 

Any student who fails to complete their check-out by their deadline will be subject to escalating fines (starting at $100) and possible disciplinary action.



End of Fall Semester

No extensions are available, as the residence halls will be closing for Winter Break.


End of Spring Semester

Students involved in Commencement-week programs (ex. Junior Marshals, Give-N-Go Green volunteers, etc) may be eligible for extensions.  Individual extensions are typically not available.

Students applying for Summer Session 1 housing may be eligible to apply for May Interim housing.


Planning for Move-Out

  • Plan with your roommates/suitemates who will clean what and when!  Any cleaning and/or damage fines that are not easily attributable to one student will be split between all members of a room and/or suite.
  • Start packing in advance!  Don’t forget to check all your drawers, closets, etc.
  • Clean your room!  Any trash or items left behind will result in fines. 
  • Take all garbage & recycling to their usual locations.  Trash bags will be available at your Res Hall Front Desk.  Do not leave your belongings sitting around in trash bags; otherwise Facilities might think they’re garbage and dispose of them!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to check out!  Elevators, carts, & street parking will be limited.
  • Complete a Check-Out Envelope at your Res Hall Front Desk (turning in your room keys and Building ID sticker).  
  • Failure to submit a Check-Out Envelope by the deadline will result in a $100 Improper Check-Out Fee (fees may increase the later a student checks out).  Missing keys will also result in a $100 per key lock change fee.


Cleaning / Damage Charges

Students are responsible for returning their room to the same condition it was in when they moved in (including cleaning their room and/or moving furniture back to original positions). Residential Life & Housing staff will inspect rooms after check-out.  

Students will be assessed charges for any cleaning and/or repair of damages required.  Any cleaning or damage charges that cannot be attributable to one roommate and/or suitemate will be shared among all roommates and/or suitemates.  

For a list of cleaning & damage fees, please visit

Students who are assessed cleaning and/or damage charges will be contacted via their Barnard email during the summer to provide them with the amount & description.  Students will have a deadline, communicated in the email, by which they may submit any appeals.  Students are responsible for checking their Barnard email and/or forwarding their mail to an account that they do check over the summer.


Parking & Carts

Please do not leave any cars double parked without someone in it.  Unattended and/or double parked cars block others from accessing the buildings and may be ticketed or towed by NYPD.

For a list of parking garages and rates, please visit

A limited number of carts will be available for check-out from the front desk of each residence hall. A photo ID is required to borrow a cart for one hour.


Summer Storage

There is no storage space available on campus, but many vendors offers fee-based storage services to Barnard students. Students are responsible for negotiating rates, dates and details with their selected vendor. 

For a list of vendors, please visit


Mail Forwarding (or, Keeping Your Mailbox Open Over the Summer)

For information about forwarding the mail from your Altschul box over the summer, visit Mail Services.

If you are going to be living on campus (or in the city) for the summer and wish to keep your mailbox open over the summer, you must fill out a "Keep Mailbox Open" form at the Mail Services Window in Altschul.


Give & Go Green! (Environmentally-Friendly Move-OUT)

Every year during move out, Barnard students donate unwanted items (clothing, kitchen supplies, nonperishable foods, etc) at locations in each residence hall to be sorted by student volunteers and donated to local charities. Students are welcome to take any items that have been donated, but are asked to put the items back in order after looking through donations. 

This year, Give and Go Green will donate items to Project Grad Bag, as well as reserving a small portion of donations for a Green Sale during next September's NSOP.

Note for Seniors & students with extensions or May Interim housing:  donations CANNOT be accepted after Wednesday, May 22.  If you have any items you wish to donate, you must do so before that date/time.

When TBA
  • TBA
  • Bagged clothes & bedding in good condition
  • Shoes in wearable condition
  • WORKING appliances, such as fans and lamps
  • Unopened, non-perishable foodstuffs
  • Cleaning supplies (these may be open)
  • Hangers
  • Office supplies, books, pens, etc.
  • Furniture, decorations, storage containers
  • WORKING Mini-fridges
What Not Anything broken, dirty or unusable for other people, your old chemistry notes, trash and recycling, plastic shopping bags.

Remember that these things are going to people who need them.  THIS IS NOT TRASH!

You can recycle your plastic bags at any grocery store that gives out plastic bags (Fairway and Wholefoods can usually take a large quantity).


Returning Refrigerator Rentals

If you rented a refrigerator from Collegiate Storage and Rentals, please make sure you are in contact with them (718-267-6484) regarding its return.  They will be on campus by the Main Gates to pick up your refrigerator.

To extend rental for one or both summer sessions, please call 718-267-6484 at least 72 hours prior to return or email  

Please note that refrigerators must be returned defrosted (unplug the refrigerator, open the door for at least 24 hours, and let the refrigerator defrost naturally). Under no circumstances should you chip away at ice in the fridge as the walls of the fridge are hollow and puncture easily (and will result in a fine).

Please note the Residential Life & Housing can not give Collegiate Storage and Rentals or any other vendors access into your room.  If you will not be present when they arrive to pick up rentals, you must make arrangements for a friend to have your refrigerator and turn it in.


Returning Cable TV Boxes

If you signed up for cable with Time Warner Cable, you must contact them to cancel your cable TV service and to return your cable box. Residential Life & Housing cannot return your cable box for you.


Nearby Hotels for Parents & Families

For hotel information and reservation links, visit


Summer Housing Applications

If you wish to apply for Summer Housing, please visit Summer Housing for more information.  Please note that last-minute requests for Summer Housing will not be accepted and would not result in permission for check-out extensions.