What to Bring (and What to Leave at Home)

What to Bring to College

Surge Protector w/ flat wall plug
Please bring only surge protectors/suppressors like the one pictured above, which has a flat plug that lies flush against the outlet, allowing the cord to hug the wall as it approaches the floor.
CFL Bulbs
If you bring a lamp, we strongly encourage you to use CFL light bulbs like the ones pictured above. These light bulbs are energy-efficient and leave a small carbon footprint (Halogen bulbs are *not* allowed).

Student rooms are furnished. Each student is provided with the following:

  • Extra-long twin bed and mattress (39"x80")
    • some beds at 110th St. College Residence are standard twin size
  • Desk & Chair
  • Clothing storage (dresser/drawer space and closet or wardrobe space)

Recommended items for all students:

  • Bedding & towels (extra-long twin sheets (39"x80"), blankets/comforter, pillows)
  • Flip-flops & Shower Caddy
  • Laundry items (basket, detergent, iron)
  • Emergency kit
  • Renter's Insurance: if your family homeowner's or renter's insurance does not extend to cover you while away at College, we strongly encourage you to look into purchasing renter's insurance.  The College accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to a student’s personal property, including (but not limited to) fire, theft, water damage, and the elements.  [More Information]

Listed below are some additional items you may want to bring with you to make your life in campus housing more comfortable. Bring only what can fit in your room—the residential communities have no storage space for your personal belongings.

  • Only electrical items that are UL-Listed 
  • Air purifier (if you are prone to allergies)
  • Alarm clock
  • Bathrobe, towels (hand towels, wash cloths, bath towels), shower shoes
  • Book bag or knapsack
  • Cleaning supplies (broom and dustpan, glass cleaner, sponges, small trash bags)
  • Computer/laptop, printer, USB drive
  • Decorations (pictures, plants, posters, area rug)
  • Desk supplies (pens, pencils, eraser, glue, scissors, highlighters, notebooks, tape, thumbtacks, stapler)
  • Ear plugs, headphones
  • Fan (most residence halls do not have AC and neither window nor portable AC units are permitted)
  • First Aid kit
  • Lamp (no halogen lights allowed)
  • Over-the-door hanging mirror (note: mirrors may not be fastened to the walls or furniture)
  • Plate, cups, silverware
  • Rain gear, umbrella
  • Refrigerator (small cube fridge or rent one from Collegiate Storage & Rental, maximum allowed size is 3.5 cubic feet & "microfridges" with a built in microwave are prohibited)
  • Reusable/refillable water bottle
  • Storage crates
  • Surge protector power strip (regular extension cords are not permitted)
  • American power adapters (if bringing appliances from other countries)
  • Vacuum
  • Wastebasket

Packing Tips

Please consider bringing your materials in reusable storage containers rather than disposable cardboard boxes. Reusable containers can serve as storage for you throughout the year and help you during move-out. If you do bring cardboard boxes to campus, you will need to flatten them & take them to the recycling location in the basement.

Fragile materials? Instead of purchasing Styrofoam peanuts that do not break down in landfills, try packing with your clothes or towels. You can also use newspaper which can be recycled when you finish unpacking.

Extension Cord
Extension cords are prohibited in the residence halls because they are a fire hazard. You may only use surge protectors like the one pictured at the top of page.
Halogen Lamp
Halogen-bulb lamps are not allowed, as they are a fire hazard and prohibited in the residence halls. While we encourage you to use CFL light bulbs, you may bring any lamp that uses a regular light bulb.

What to Leave at Home

  • All of your books and notes from high school
  • Your entire wardrobe
  • Ethernet cords (campus has WiFi, with the exception of Cathedral Gardens)
  • Quarters (the laundry machines use a card, not change)

There will be limited space in your room, so we encourage you not to overpack.  Items you may need later can be bought locally or ordered online.  Make your move-in motto: "When in doubt, leave it out!" 

Prohibited Items (not allowed anywhere in the Residence Halls)

For the full list of items not allowed in the residence halls, please visit barnard.edu/reslife/policies/prohibited-items.