Cable TV

Some residential hall lounges feature televisions with cable; however, cable TV service is not provided to individual rooms by the College.

Residence Hall TV Lounges with Cable

  • 600 W 116th St (2nd floor)
  • 616 W 116th St (1st Floor)
  • Cathedral Gardens (10th Floor)
  • Elliott Hall (in each floor lounge)
  • Plimpton (1st Floor)
  • Quad (Sulzberger lobby, Brooks 1st floor, and Sulzberger 3rd-8th floor lounges)

Cable TV in your room

Students may contract for cable TV service through Spectrum (212-358-0900 or 212-598-1750). Students should use the address of their residence hall (use "3009 Broadway" for the Quad) and their room number as an "Apartment Number" when calling to set up service.

Students must be present for their cable installation, so cable cannot be set up prior to when a student moves into their room. College staff will not-key in Spectrum employees or sign for installations.

Students at 601 W 110th St may set up cable TV through either Spectrum (see above) or Verizon FIOS. Students who wish to set up Verizon FIOS TV must do so through Residential Life & Housing and must pay in advance in full for the entire academic year.