Columbia Students Living at Barnard (CU@BC)



CC & SEAS students who are eligible for Columbia Room Selection may register for Barnard Room Selection. Students may only select as part of groups where 50% or more of the group are BC students. For more information, visit

CU students who are Room Selection eligible may also be pull-ins for Barnard RAs and Barnard students receiving disability accommodations (prior to Barnard Room Selection).

Eligible CU students may live in 600, 616, or 620 W 116th St; 601 W 110th St (College Residence), Cathedral Gardens, and Plimpton Hall (i.e. suite-style housing). CU students who identify as male may live in Barnard Housing, but only in suites where the entire suite is being selected/filled (cannot be pulled into “partial” suites).

In order to “balance the exchange” (i.e. maintain an equal number of CU students living at Barnard to match the number of BC students living at Columbia), CU Housing Services may assign CC or SEAS students from the Sophomore Summer Wait List, new Transfer students, etc. to CU@BC designated spaces.

Columbia students who live in Barnard housing as part of the BC/CU Housing Exchange (i.e. CU@BC) will continue to be eligible for Columbia Room Selection in the future (pending they meet all requirements for eligibility).

Co-ed groups who pick into Barnard Housing during Room Selection will be required to sign the Barnard Open Housing Agreement Form.


Room Rates

CU@BC stdents will be charged for their housing by Columbia, following rates established by Columbia. For more information, please visit


Cancelling Housing

CU@BC students who wish to cancel housing must follow the deadlines and policies established by Columbia (


Housing Period & Move-In/Out Dates

CU@BC students may occupy housing for the same time period as Barnard students living in Barnard residence halls (which may not match the occupancy dates for Columbia housing).

CU@BC students may move in between 9am-5pm on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, September 2-4, 2017. Visit for more information.

Students with programmatic responsibility for the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP), ex. Orientation Leaders, may be given permission to move in early; however, early move-ins based on reasons of convenience are typically not available. In rare cases, CU@BC students may receive permission from Barnard to move in early and must pay a $100 per day fee to Barnard (requests must be submitted to & approved by Barnard, not by Columbia).

At the end of the academic year, non-graduating students will be required to move out within 24 hours of their last scheduled exam or no later than 5pm on Friday, May 11, 2018 (whichever is earlier). Graduating seniors must move out before 10am on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Extensions for reasons of convenience are not available. Students with approved extensions for extenuating circumstances must pay a $100 per day fee to Barnard (requests must be submitted to & approved by Barnard, not Columbia). For more information, visit

CU@BC students who are not continuing in their Barnard room assignment for the Spring (ex. graduating mid-year, studying abroad for the Spring, moving back to Columbia or off-campus, withdrawing from the University, etc) must move out of Barnard housing no later than 9am on Friday, December 22, 2017. Extensions are not available.

The residence halls remain open during Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks, but are officially closed for Winter Break. For information about applying for housing during the later part of Winter Break, please see below.


Residence Hall Access

CU@BC students are provided with an ID sticker for their residence hall when they move in. This sticker allows them access to and the ability to sign in guests to their assigned residence hall only. CU@BC students who wish to visit other Barnard residence halls must be signed in as a guest of that residence hall.  


Check Out Fines

CU@BC students are responsible for returning their room to the same condition it was in when they moved in (including cleaning their room and/or moving furniture back to original positions). Students will be responsible for any damage or cleaning fines assessed. Additionally, students will be responsible for any improper or late check-out fees and/or replacement charges for lost or non-returned keys. Fines & fees will be payable to Barnard.


May & August Interim (Summer Housing)

CU@BC students who wish to bridge housing prior to the start of Summer Housing (either at Columbia or Barnard) must apply for May Interim housing at Barnard and would pay the BC May Interim fee to Barnard. See for more information.

Similarly, Columbia students with a Fall room assignment at Barnard who wish to bridge housing after the end of Summer Housing (either at Columbia or Barnard) must apply for August Interim housing at Barnard and would pay the BC August Interim fee to Barnard.


Winter Break

The Barnard residence halls are officially closed for Winter Break between 9am on Friday, December 22, 2017, through 9am on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

Students may apply for Early Winter Return, to return to housing starting 9am on Sunday, January 7, 2018 (i.e. prior to the official January 13 reopening of the residence halls for the Spring). See for more information. Permission for Early Winter Return is not guaranteed and approval should not be assumed. Students should plan accordingly in case their request cannot be approved.

With  limited exceptions, students may not be in campus housing prior to the Early Winter Return date (i.e. December 22 - January 7).

CU@BC students are not automatically approved for housing during Winter Break.


Room Change Requests

Selecting into a specific space in Barnard housing as part of the Housing Exchange is intended to be an academic-year-long commitment. Thus, room changes for CU@BC students within Barnard housing are typically not available. Requests may be considered in special circumstances, but Barnard students will be prioritized for vacancies first and any changes must be approved by Columbia Housing Services. Students who wish to move back to the Columbia campus must receive permission from Columbia Housing Services. Requests for a CU student to move from a Columbia residence hall to the Barnard campus will considered only in rare circumstances and are dependent upon on the balance of the BC/CU Housing Exchange count.


Housing Policies

CU@BC students will be required to sign a Barnard Housing Contract (in addition to a Columbia Housing Contract, for billing purposes) and must follow all Barnard College & residence hall policies (see for the Barnard Residence Hall Handbook). CU@BC students who violate Barnard (or Columbia) policies will be referred to the Columbia Office of Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (OJA) for adjudication; however, they may also be asked to meet with the Barnard Hall Director or Associate Director responsible for their Barnard residence hall to discuss the impact of their behavior on the community.



Columbia students living at Barnard must receive their mail at their Lerner Hall Mailbox. Mail and/or packages will not be accepted at any Barnard residence hall.

For more information, please visit


Internet Access

CU students living at Barnard should connect to the "Barnard Guest" WiFi network (because they do not have BC network accounts & passwords).  According to the BCIT Student Computing office, connections to the "Barnard Guest" network as just as secure and safe as "Barnard Secure."

Note: Students in College Residence (601 W 110th St) connect to the Verizon FIOS cable modem in their suite via WiFi. The SSID & Password for your suite's cable modem is available on the Room Assignment page on the Res Life Web Portal.

Note: Cathedral Gardens does not have WiFi access. Students should connect to the cable modem in their room via ethernet cable.



Columbia students living at Barnard must pay for using the laundry machines in the Barnard residence halls.  For information about the Barnard laundry rooms and prices, please visit


Facilities Work Orders

Something wrong in your room, suite, or hallway? Please email with a detailed message, including your Name, Building & Room number, what the issue is, and please identify yourself as a CU student living in a BC residence hall.

For emergencies (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), please contact Facilities Services directly at 212-854-2041. After 5pm and on weekends, please contact Public Safety at 212-854-6666.