Health Professions at Beyond Barnard

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Integrated Prehealth Preparation

Beyond Barnard creates a community of supportive resources for students and alumnae applying to medical school and exploring a range of exciting career and graduate paths in the health.

Med School Application Support

All students and alumnae have access to Barnard College's Committee Letter process, giving applicants the opportunity to connect with resources and gain the endorsement of the institution.

Your Path. Your Purpose.

Prehealth Blog

Stay updated on prehealth happenings, including internship postings, events, and more!

Health Professions by the Numbers


Annual individual advising appointments in health professions


Admissions rate for highly qualified candidates (GPA 3.4+ and MCAT 80th+ percentile)


Barnard College applicants receiving Committee Letters to apply to medical and dental school since 2018.