Barnard Students Living at Columbia (BC@CU)


Barnard students must be eligible for the Barnard Room Selection process in order to be able to live at Columbia through the BC/CU Housing Exchange.

Barnard students who are rising-Seniors only may register to take part in Columbia In-Person Suite Selection (as part of groups where at least 50% of the group are Columbia students and the class standing of Barnard participants must be greater than or equal to the lowest class standing of their prospective Columbia suitemates).  Barnard students must also register for Barnard Room Selection and declare a category of "CU Lottery." Groups with BC students may select into suite-style housing at Columbia (i.e. no corridor-style buildings).  For more information, visit

Barnard students may also apply to live in select Special Interest Communities (SICs) and Greek housing.  The maximum number of Barnard students who may live in each unit is capped by CU Housing as follows:

  • Metta House – 2
  • Pan African House – 2
  • Casa Latina – 2
  • Community Health House – 2
  • Q-House – 2
  • IRC / ICH – 4
  • DG – 4
  • KAT – 5
  • AXO – 2
  • SDT – 4
  • ADP – 6

Barnard students may not be “riders” (i.e. pull-ins) for Columbia RAs or Columbia students receiving disability housing accommodations.

Barnard students who live in Columbia housing as part of the BC/CU Housing Exchange will continue to be eligible for Barnard Room Selection in the future (pending they meet all requirements for eligibility).

Please note that housing options like The Bayit and International House are not considered part of undergraduate housing and are not part of the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange. Students who move into these locations would be considered to be commuter students (and would lose eligibility to participate in Room Selection and may affect their financial aid).

Room Rates

Barnard students living at Columbia will be billed for their housing by Barnard, at the standard Barnard room rate.  For more information, visit

Cancelling Housing

Barnard students with room assignments at Columbia who wish to cancel housing must follow the deadlines and policies and are subject to the cancellation fees established by Barnard (

Housing Period & Move In/Out Dates

Barnard students living at Columbia may occupy housing for the same time period as CU students living in Columbia residence halls (which may not match the occupancy dates for Barnard housing).

For check-in dates and locations, visit

At the end of the academic year, Barnard students living at Columbia will need to move out by the deadlines established by CU Housing Services. For more information, visit

The CU residence halls remain open during all academic breaks, including Winter Break.  However, Barnard students must be in housing for both the Fall and Spring semesters in order to be eligible for residence during Winter Break in CU Housing.  For more information about breaks, visit

Residence Hall Access

BC@CU students must have a BC@CU ID sticker (available from the Barnard Residential Life & Housing office) and a current semester sticker in order to enter Barnard residence halls without having to be signed in by a guest of the building.

Check Out Fines

Barnard students living at Columbia are responsible for returning their room to the same condition it was in when they moved in (including cleaning their room and/or moving furniture back to original positions).  Students will be responsible for any damage or cleaning fines assessed.  Additionally, students will be responsible for any improper or late check-out fees and/or replacement charges for lost or non-returned keys.

May & August Interim (Summer Housing)

Barnard students with a Spring room assignment at Columbia who wish to bridge housing prior to the start of Summer Housing (either at Barnard or Columbia) must apply for May Interim housing at Columbia and would pay the CU May Interim fee to Columbia.  See for more information.

Similarly, Barnard students with a Fall room assignment at Columbia who wish to bridge housing after the end of Summer Housing (either at Barnard or Columbia) must apply for August Interim housing at Columbia and would pay the CU August Interim fee to Columbia. 

Room Change Requests

Selecting into a space in Columbia housing as part of the Housing Exchange is intended to be an academic-year-long commitment. Room changes for BC@CU students within Columbia housing are limited by which Columbia residence halls Barnard students are eligible to live in and may not be available. Requests to move from Columbia back into a Barnard residence hall may not be available due to the balance of exchanged beds.

Requests from Barnard students to move from a Barnard residence hall to Columbia during the academic year will only be considered as part of the Semester Room Change Process for Greek living units where a Fall BC@CU resident may be leaving to study abroad for the Spring or graduate mid-year (and is dependent on the status of the overall BC/CU Housing Exchange count).

Housing Policies

Barnard students living at Columbia will be required to sign a Columbia Housing Contract (in addition to a Barnard Housing Contract, for billing purposes) and must follow Columbia residence hall policies (see for the Columbia Housing Services Guide to Living).   BC@CU students who violate Columbia (or Barnard) policies will be referred to the Barnard Executive Director for Residential Life & Housing and/or Barnard Dean for Equity for adjudication; however, they may also be asked to meet with the Columbia Hall Director or Associate Director responsible for their Columbia living unit to discuss the impact of their behavior on the community.


Barnard students living at Columbia must receive their mail at their Altschul Hall Mailbox.  Mail and/or packages will not be accepted at any Columbia residence hall.