Housing Exchange (with Columbia University)

Barnard Students Living at Columbia

A very limited number of continuing Barnard students are able to live in Columbia University residence halls each year through the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange.

Barnard students either receive an assignment through participating in a Greek chapter or by being "pulled-in" to a group through the Columbia Room Selection Process. It is not possible to request room changes to the Columbia campus during the academic year nor for Spring housing applicants to request to live at Columbia.

Barnard students who live in the Columbia residence halls are billed for their room by Barnard following Barnard room rates.

Barnard students are eligible to live in the following buildings / locations only:

Please note that housing options like The Bayit and International House are not considered part of undergraduate housing and are not part of the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange. Students who move into these locations would cease to be eligible for participation in the Room Selection process and would loose their guarantee of housing for future semesters. Additionally, students who choose to live in these locations would be classified by the Barnard Financial Aid office as living off-campus and would eligible for less financial aid. If you have any questions about choosing to live in a location that is not coordinated through the Barnard/Columbia Housing Exchange, please speak to both Residential Life & Housing and the Financial Aid office.

Columbia Students Living at Barnard

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