The Barnard Degree

Make it Your Own

Filmmaker Rachel Kastner '19 chose Barnard because she wanted to study the world. “I wanted to study political science, to take classes in history. I wanted to be in class with chemists and historians and bankers.”  The liberal arts experience has informed and inspired her work.

A woman with a Barnard degree knows how to think — deeply, precisely, independently. She takes intellectual risks, because she’s learned that it’s it’s okay to be wrong. She’s learned how to lead, collaborate, and harness the power that can change the world.

A Powerful Foundation

Barnard’s curriculum,  Foundations, responds to your curiosity and adapts to your interests. It’s interdisciplinary, so you might discover a fascination for a subject you never considered before. And it uses New York City as a lab for hands-on learning. Foundations encourages you to think in new ways, make original connections, and graduate with a set of rigorous analytical and technological skills that you can apply to any field you pursue — including fields of the future yet to be imagined.

We may not always know everything, we may not always have the answer, but we know we can get it and we know that we can do it.

Ann Dachs ’81

Barnard will push you in ways you didn’t know you could be pushed. Professors will force you to think about life in ways that you didn’t know existed. You’ll debate utopian ideas of gender, question political structures, learn about the criminal justice system and the nuances of classic literature.

Willa Smith ’20

Majors & Minors

Barnard offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 fields. You can also double major, design your own major, or pursue a special degree program in cooperation with Columbia University, Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, or the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Explore Areas of Study

The Columbia Connection

Statistician Akshaya Nataraj ‘17 expanded her skills by working in Columbia’s Statistics Department and through research at the Columbia University Medical Center.

I was overwhelmed with the thought of putting together a real-world academic paper. I quickly learned that my Barnard classes were structured to prepare me for this critical type of thinking. I’m so happy I took on the challenge!

Hannah Spierer ’17
Learn By Doing

NYC Is Your Oyster

Students learned about climate change, invasive species, water resources, and sustainability in an environmental science class that took them on field trips to the Hudson River — and even on the Hudson.  

Study Abroad

Take Flight

At Barnard, you can take a summer, a semester, or a year abroad. Study music in Austria, gender studies in the Netherlands, ecology in Panama — immerse yourself in a world of learning and adapt to a new culture.

Liberal Arts at Barnard