2018-19 Res Life staff

Central Office

Alicia Lawrence
Executive Director of Residential Life & Housing
Josh Alexander
Senior Associate Director of Residential Life & Housing
Associate Director, Quad (First Year Focus, Hewitt, Sulzberger Tower)
Lizeth Jaramillo
Associate Director, Off-Quad (600, 616, 620 W 116th St, 601 W 110th St, Cathedral Gardens, Elliott, Plimpton)
Matt Kingston
Associate Director for Housing Operations
Jody Wecht, Assistant to the Executive Director 212.854.4245
Lori Diggs, Housing Assistant 212.854.7493
Velma Joseph, Res Life Assistant 212.854.7478

Hall Directors

Tiana Moore Cathedral Gardens & 601 W 110th St
Ashley Cisneros 600, 616, & 620 W 116th St
Jessica Vargas 600, 616, & 620 W 116th St
Andi Dixon Elliott (and Transfer Time)
Bona Lee First Year Focus (FYF), Brooks
Lauren Percy First Year Focus (FYF), Reid/Sulzberger
Sarah Harvin First Year Focus (FYF), Sulzberger
Alison Peters Hewitt & Sulzberger Tower
Meg McGuffin Plimpton