Summer 2018 -- After consultation with the SGA Campus Affairs committee, the College has signed with a new laundry vendor (CSC Laundry Services) who will be providing brand new laundry machines to campus in July. Updated information will be posted when available.

These new machines will feature multiple payment methods including credit & debit cards & Apple Pay. Additionally, students will be able to see online which machines are in use and how much time remains on them. Laundry will continue to be $1.25 per load.

Note: 601 W 110th St. is not owned by Barnard and will continue to use their current laundry company.

If you experience any problems with the laundry machines, please contact Jody at

Laundry Room Locations

  • Quad - floors 2-8, in Sulzberger and between Reid/Brooks Halls
  • 600 W 116th St - 2nd floor
  • 616 W 116th St - basement
  • 620 W 116th St - basement
  • Cathedral Gardens - 10th Floor
  • Elliott - basement
  • Plimpton - basement
  • 601 W 110th St - basement*
  • Andersen - basement*
* 110th St & Andersen have different vendors and use laundry cards. Please see building staff for more information.