Community Safety

As the primary Security and Emergency Response team, Community Safety responds to serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situations requiring immediate action; such matters may pose immediate threat to health, life, property, environment with high probability of escalating quickly/dangerously without quick intervention. Community Safety works collaboratively with the CARES Team in support of effective response for all involved in both first response and emergency response instances.

Barnard Community Safety

Emergency Line
(212) 854-6666
4-6666 from a campus phone

CARES Response (non-emergency)
(212) 854-3362
4-3362 from a campus phone

Lost & Found

Columbia University Public Safety

CU Emergency Line
(212) 854-5555
4-5555 from a campus phone

Morningside Campus CU Public Safety
(212) 854-2797

Other numbers

Primary Care Health Service
(212) 854-2091

CU EMS Service 
(212) 854-5555

NYPD 26th Precinct

St. Luke's Emergency Room

Sexual Violence Response & Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center
(212) 854-HELP (4357)

St. Luke's/Roosevelt Rape Crisis Intervention Program
(212) 523-4728

NYC Anti-Violence Project (AVP)
(212) 714-1141