Our Partnership with Columbia University

Thousands of Courses at Two Great Institutions

Columbia classes are open to all Barnard students, and vice versa.

At Barnard you get the best of both worlds: a small college with all the advantages of an distinguished research university in New York City. Our close-knit community of approximately 2,600 undergraduate students offers an average student-to-teacher ratio of just 9-to-1, with easy access to more than 30 libraries and collections, an enormous course catalog, world-class scientific and research facilities, and hundreds of student clubs and organizations.

Founded in 1889 as a college for women affiliated with the then all-male Columbia University, Barnard College is a self-sustaining entity under the Columbia umbrella. Located right across Broadway, we’re one of the University’s four undergraduate colleges, but we’re largely autonomous, with our own leadership and our own bold approach to women-centered education.

While each school has its own curriculum requirements, admissions and financial aid processes, and unique student experiences, Barnard and Columbia share a lot. Students can attend classes on both campuses and participate in each other’s clubs and events. We’re two distinct communities that create a larger whole. 

Athletics at Barnard & Columbia

Barnard is the only women’s college where you can play in NCAA Division I athletic leagues. This is made possible by The Columbia-Barnard Athletic Consortium, which allows Barnard students and students from Columbia’s undergraduate division to compete together in the Ivy League.

Barnard + Columbia = Options


student organizations


D1 varsity and intercollegiate teams


Performance spaces and dance studios

Barnard & Columbia

No one labels you with a Barnard sticker. You’ll have the resources of the larger university and the support, family, and feminism of Barnard. You will be a Barnard Bear and a Columbia Lion, and nothing will hold you back.

Sydney Hotz ’20

I’m a humanities major who loves space, and within my first few weeks at Barnard, I joined a Columbia aerospace engineering club. I get to spend time each week actively working with space, and I don’t think that would be true if it weren’t for Barnard and Columbia.

Cleo Payne ’21

Opportunity Extension

Akshaya Nataraj ’17 took full advantage of the  Barnard and Columbia partnership. While studying statistics in the Columbia Department of Statistics, Akshaya taught herself coding languages so that she could better assist leading researchers in answering important medical questions. She also  led Columbia’s Bhangra dance team, competings across the U.S. and making lifelong friends along the way.

Akshaya Nataraj ’17: Statistician and Dancer