Keys & Lock Changes

Keys are issued to students for their assigned residential hall space only. Keys are the property of the College and may not be duplicated or kept after a student vacates a room. Students who lose or do not return their keys after vacating will be charged for a lock change. Students may not exchange keys or lend their key to other individuals. Misuse of keys will result in disciplinary action and/or being charged for a lock change.

The College holds the safety of students as a top priority. The loss or theft of a key is considered a security risk, as anyone who finds would be able to access student rooms or suites.  Therefore, for the safety of all students, a lost key will always result in a lock change. We understand that keys maybe lost in such a way where the chances of anyone finding them are slim, however, the same rule applies to all lost keys.  This policy is an objective way of maintaining the safety and security of all students on campus.


Help, I'm locked out of my room or suite!

  • Go to your Residence Hall Front Desk and show your Student ID to the Access Attendant.
  • They will lend you the Emergency Lock-Out Key for your room and/or or suite door.
  • The key must be returned to the Front Desk within 15 minutes.
  • Failure to return the key and/or excessive borrowing of the lock out key may result in being charged for a lock change and/or disciplinary action.


Help, I broke my key or it is stuck in the lock!

  • Bring the pieces of the broken key to the Res Life (110 Sulzberger) during business hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday) and we can replace your key at no charge.
  • If a key is stuck in a lock, turn the key to an upright position and then pull out with one hand while pushing in the small core that immediately surrounds the key. 
    • If the key continues to stick in the lock, please bring the key to the Res Life office during business hours to replace it (to avoid the key breaking in the lock requiring a lock change).
    • If you cannot remove the key from the lock and/or get into your room, please call Public Safety at 212-854-3362.


Help, I lost my key!

  • Come to the Res Life office (110 Sulzberger) during business hours to fill out a Lost Key & Lock Change Form.
  • You will be given a temporary spare key(s) to the current lock(s).
  • Once you fill out the form, a request will be submitted to the Facilities office to change your lock(s) as soon as possible during business hours.
  • You and your roommates/suitemates (if applicable) will all receive new keys, but only you will be charged ($100 per lock changed). 
  • The lock change fee will be billed to your Bursar's account like all other College charges and should be paid as soon as possible ( The lock change fee will only be waived in cases where a key is stolen and the students provides a copy of a police report to the Res Life office.
  • You & your roommates/suitemates (if applicable) will be emailed once the lock is changed on your room and/or suite door and each student must come to the Res Life office within 24 hours to sign for your new key(s).
  • You will need to turn in the spare key(s) you were issued when you filled out the Lock Change Form (otherwise, a $30 per key charge will apply).  Your roommates/suitemates will also need to turn in their old key(s) when signing for their new key(s), or will be charged $30/key.
  • If you or your roommates/suitemates cannot make it to the Res Life office before closing to sign for your new key, you may borrow the Lock Out Key from the Front Desk to access your room/suite; however, you may not hold on to the key for more than 15 minutes.

Note: Students who lose a Sulz Tower Lounge Key or CG Front Door Key should come to the Res Life office to request a replacement key ($30 charge).