4+1 Pathways for Accelerated Graduate Study



The Barnard/Columbia University 4+1 Pathways provide an accelerated option for students to pursue graduate study while still an undergraduate. These new pathways combine Barnard’s tradition of providing a rigorous undergraduate education across the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, with a tailored program of accelerated graduate coursework to obtain a master’s degree from a graduate and professional school at Columbia in five years.

The 4+1 Pathways are open for application from current Barnard juniors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and offer “express admissions”, waiving the GRE requirement. Students should inquire with Beyond Barnard and plan on attending an introductory information session this spring for the unique 4+1 Pathway they may be interested in pursuing. Each introductory session will be led by faculty advisors, who will be available to provide an overview of the program and its requirements, the admission process, and to advise students.

For more details or to sign up for introductory information sessions, contact Beyond Barnard.