Student Info

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves students with a broad range of long-term or permanent disabilities, including:

  • hearing loss/deafness
  • mobility impairments 
  • visual impairments 
  • chronic medical conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders)
  • learning disabilities (LD)
  • attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • psychological disabilities
  • substance abuse/recovery 
  • students with temporary disabilities of two weeks duration or more (e.g. hospitalization, accident, illness)

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) recognizes that the decision to self-identify any disability is a personal one and we respect a student's decision not to do so. We do however, encourage all students with visible or non-visible disabilities, such as learning disabilities or chronic medical conditions, to self-identify and to register with ODS. This should be done as early as possible: during the admissions process, upon arrival at College, or immediately following diagnosis or injury. Information provided to the Student Health Service is confidential and is not forwarded to ODS.

All students with either permanent or temporary disabilities who wish to register for services are required to have appropriate disability-related documentation on file in ODS. If partial or outdated documentation is provided, provisional services (for up to one semester only) may be granted, however, only approved on a case by case basis. We will discuss disability-related needs regarding academic accommodations including nonstandard test-taking arrangements as well as other aspects of a student's life at Barnard or in the community.

Barnard students with disabilities who need nonstandard administration of quizzes or exams may receive disability-related exam accommodations including extended time, assistive technology, use of aids and environmental adjustments (e.g. - separate exam location). Students are required to register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and provide appropriate disability-related documentation. 

PE Modification

All students at Barnard are expected to complete the one semester physical education requirement by the end of the first year. Students with permanent or temporary disabilities will be individually advised and placed in a suitable activity, based upon the recommendations of the Director of Disability Services.

Prior to Physical Education course registration, students with disabilities are encouraged to discuss their needs with the our office or Chair of the Physical Education Department. 

All students with disabilities should self-identify to their Physical Education instructors as soon as possible in the semester and discuss any disability-related needs they may have. Please remember to complete the Physical Education Health Questionnaire, and to register with our office. You may also want to consult with your private clinician and/or a clinician from the Student Health Service regarding your particular situation.


Receiving Academic Accommodations


To receive academic accommodations please follow the steps:


  • Students requesting accommodations for the first time complete 1-4
  • Students who have previously received services and accommodations, should only complete steps 3 & 4.


1. Register with Barnard Disability Services

  • Complete the Student Application
  • Submit documentation that follows the Disability Documentation Guidelines.

    • Upload via online application

    • Email to

    • Fax it to 212-280-8768

    • Bring it with you to your intake meeting

  • A staff member will contact you once an online application has been completed OR you may reach out directly once the application is done.


2. Meet with ODS Staff

  • ODS staff will reach out to the student upon completion of the online application. During the initial meeting staff will discuss the following with the student:

    • Documentation provided

    • Need for additional documentation if necessary

    • History

    • Accommodation Process

      1. Accommodation eligibility

      2. Discussion of Accommodations with Faculty

      3. Use of accommodations


3. Request Accommodations

  • To request and utilize accommodations each semester students must:

  • Log into AIM with their login information

    1. If your password or username must be reset please contact ODS.

  • Once logged into AIM:

    1. You will submit your course schedule to ODS staff by inputting your Call numbers (called Course Registration Numbers in AIM) into your My Dashboard in AIM to request accommodations for each semester. You will find your Call numbers on your program in My Barnard. Please make sure that the listed professor on your course is correct, if there has been a change or there is a TA teaching the course, please email ODS at along with the correct TA or Professor information

    2. ODS staff will review your accommodation requests and process these to make your faculty notification letters.
      ODS staff will email you when your letters are ready for pick-up. You are required to pick-up your faculty notification letters in person to bring to faculty and have your accommodations conversation signed off by filling out the Accommodation Agreement Form that you will pick-up along with your letters from ODS. You are required to submit this signed form back to the office within 1 week of meeting with each professor.


4. Implement Accommodations

After Accommodations have been approved students are expected to:

  • Reach out and schedule a meeting with appropriate faculty or staff for each course

  • During this meeting students can verbally request and discuss how accommodations will be implemented based on the class.

  • Go over Faculty Notification Letters or provide the PDF version given to the student in their packet.

  • Provide faculty signatures from all confirmed classes and return the Accommodation Agreement Form to the ODS office within 1 week.


If issues with implementation of accommodations occur, students should:

  • Discuss initial issue directly with professor

  • Contact Disability services if this issue can not be resolved and additional guidance is needed.