Student Info

Barnard College is committed to providing qualified community members who have disabilities an opportunity to access campus services and participate on an equal basis in our educational programs. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) is the focal point for meeting the needs of community members (students, faculty, staff, and visitors) with disabilities. We look forward to welcoming you, learning about your circumstances, and providing assistance with your access needs.

A student with a qualifying disability who seeks services from Barnard must start that process with ODS. For accommodations to be granted, a student has to provide any necessary information and documentation to ODS for review and meet with a member of ODS to complete the interactive process, which is essential for identifying accommodations that are responsive to the individual student’s needs. Once the registration, documentation, and review process is completed, the student will meet with an ODS staff member for an intake appointment. ODS will provide the student, where appropriate, with an individually determined accommodation plan and, where necessary, will communicate with faculty about the accommodations to be granted to a student. A student may not make individual accommodation arrangements with a faculty member without first utilizing the ODS process. Please note that each semester, some adjustments to accommodations may be called for, and students will need to work with ODS to review accommodations. A student with a disability who does not seek accommodations from Barnard may inform ODS of their situation, but is not required to do so. ODS staff members are always available to meet, answer questions or provide guidance.

Details of Barnard’s specific procedures and requirements are available from ODS. Forms that need to be completed and information about your rights and responsibilities are also provided by ODS. From time to time, Barnard may change or modify these policies, procedures, and forms, and you should make an effort to stay current on any changes. However, Barnard’s commitment to its community members and to their opportunity to participate equally at Barnard remains constant.

To begin the registration process with ODS, please click here for our registration application: