The condition of the economy has no doubt spurred many entrepreneurial ventures, as both young and old struggle to find new places in the working world. For some, starting a business is not a last-ditch effort, but a means to independence, creativity, and ultimately, success. The entrepreneurs featured in this issue have established their own businesses through sometimes circuitous routes. All speak of their Barnard years as contributing to their confidence and expertise. Quandra Prettyman joined the English department in 1970, and expanded the study of African American literature throughout her years at the College. Be sure to read Professor Monica Miller’s interview with this engaging and innovative instructor whose career spanned a period of great change on campus. Barnard’s Global Symposium series began in Beijing in 2008. In March, the symposium returned to China via Shanghai, with two panelists from the first symposium. Their comments about what has changed in China, and what has not, make absorbing reading, as does President Spar’s essay on the event. Karen Fairbanks both teaches architecture and practices her profession. Her firm recently earned plaudits for its design of the Glen Oaks Public Library in Queens. Events on campus continue to focus on thought-provoking ideas. A New York University professor explored the cross-cultural effects immigrant Jewish peddlers brought to their new homes. Two programs spotlighting Barnard alumnae were highlights of this year’s Athena Film Festival. And, a panel of experts considered the question, “Can consumption save the world?” After a bitter winter in the Northeast and elsewhere, we here on campus were cheered by our campus landmark—the blooming magnolia tree—an uplifting sight that heralds the arrival of spring and, hard on its heels, Reunion. Join us!

The Editor