A Global Perspective

By Annette Kahn

Barnard College received a record-breaking 6,655 applications to join the Class of 2019, a 17 percent jump from the previous year. The numbers are impressive: 1,301 young women were admitted, marking the lowest admit rate in the College’s history, at 19.5 percent. Another key feature of this class is that its applicants represent women from 48 countries around the world, reflecting the increasing globalization of the student body. 

In this issue, we examine initiatives that reflect Barnard’s growing reputation in the international community. In honor of our 125th anniversary, Barnard’s seventh annual Global Symposium came home to Morningside Heights and continued to draw a roster of women leaders to address the advancement of women in the media, economics and finance, social activism, and the arts. While we present highlights of the compelling panel discussions, full coverage of the day’s presentations is available online and we invite you to watch and listen at barnard.edu/global/womenchangingtheworld2015. Our Visiting International Scholars Program brings students from a variety of countries to the campus for a semester of study, which provides cultural enrichment both for the visitors and our full-time attendees.

Civil rights activist Malcolm X spoke at Barnard on February 18, 1965, his last public speech before his assassination. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the speech, two Barnard professors tapped the alumnae who, as students, invited him to speak, and three Malcolm X scholars to address his legacy in the civil rights movement.

The late artist Sarah Charlesworth ’69 brought her distinctive vision to the art world through her use of photographic images that explore the relationships between cultural iconography and the media. Michele Maccarone ’95, a West Village gallerist, represents her estate. The two never met, but share common traits abetted by a Barnard education: confidence, persistence, and the will to pursue their dreams.  

As we relish the milder days and enjoy the emerging green, pink, and white flowerings in our urban oasis, we hope you will join us in May for Reunion.