Each year, the Edith and Frances Mulhall Achilles Memorial Fund generously provides graduate fellowship grants for outstanding alumnae. The application and interview process is overseen by the Fellowship Committee of the Alumnae Association of Barnard College (AABC). Finalists are chosen based on academic excellence, quality of references, and postgraduate goals, among other criteria. The following five alumnae are the recipients of the 2014 Edith and Frances Mulhall Achilles Memorial Fellowships for Graduate Study.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) De Vita ’08

After earning her degree in English and art history, Lizzy De Vita spent five years working full time for a nonprofit organization that supports artists in Haiti. During that time, she also worked as an artist, participating in solo and group shows. In 2013, Lizzy was accepted to the MFA program at Yale University’s School of Art, where she is pursuing a degree in sculpture. Her most recent work aims to use a variety of media, including installation, video, sound, sculpture, and performance, as a means of developing broader explorations of time and space.

Ana Isabel Keilson ’05

Ana Keilson is a Columbia University doctoral candidate in the history department, where she studies intellectual history and the history of dance. Her dissertation, which explores dance and politics in Germany from 1900–1935, is titled “Organizing Expression,” and examines the role of knowledge systems among German modern-dance choreographers and critics. While at Barnard, Ana participated in the Writing Fellows Program and was a member of the Slavic Honor Society. She was elected Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with a degree in English.

Nanette N. Jarenwattananon ’11

Nanette N. Jarenwattananon graduated from Barnard with a degree in chemistry and is now pursuing her PhD at UCLA. While Nanette’s primary research focuses on the development of novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to visualize chemical reactions in real time, she is also collaborating with UCLA’s Iruela-Arispe research group to develop MRI methodologies to image cell growth in a bioreactor.






Haeri (Heddy) Nam ’04

After earning a BA in political science and human rights studies, Heddy Nam spent more than four years at Amnesty International and almost three years with Open Society Foundations—seven years dedicated to social-justice advocacy and the furthering of international human rights. Deciding to return to graduate studies, Heddy was accepted to the University of Southern California and is now a candidate for a public-policy degree. She is currently a graduate researcher at both the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and the Program on Environmental and Regional Equity. She has also become a socially active member within her new Los Angeles community, helping to tackle issues of immigrant rights, low-wage-worker rights, and racial injustice.





Judith Vick ’08

Judith Vick graduated with a degree in comparative literature and is now a first-year medical student at Johns Hopkins University. In 2012, she conducted a research project in conjunction with the Ariadne Labs at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Serious Illness Care Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, studying end-of-life communication among physicians, patients, and families. In addition to continuing her research this summer, she will also study the construction of gender in 19th-century case narratives in American medical journals.