An enthusiastic Debora Spar opened her update on the state of the College to alumnae attending Reunion 2014’s Alumnae Association Awards ceremony by declaring, “The state of the College is fabulous!” She also might have used that adjective to describe Reunion.

Not only notable for its near-record attendance level, this year’s event included a new program highlight—a series of micro lectures meant to give alumnae a taste of what students are learning today. (Turn to page 8 for more about these four 10-minute talks given by faculty members.) New York Times food writer Melissa Clark ’90 moderated a panel on food, health, and wellness; Anna Quindlen ’74 spoke about her new book, Still Life with Bread Crumbs, and the everyday challenges of American women. Additionally, two gifts from the classes of 2014 and 2009 were also unveiled. There was also the dedication of the Reunion Recognition Wall outside Sulzberger Annex; the plaques on this wall, across from the Vagelos Alumnae Center courtyard, recognize individual classes whose support of Barnard reaches certain fiscal levels.