Omelets and Education

At the Legacy Brunch, Barnard generations fete their common bond

By Lois Elman ’80

Wait—your mom went to Barnard, too?

Is it really true your niece is in her third year?

At Barnard and in the larger alumnae community, these kinds of questions aren’t just anomalies—they’re cause for celebration. So celebrate is what fifty-five students and their alumnae relatives (moms, mostly) did, at the Legacy Brunch during Family Weekend in October.

Over omelets, bagels, and mimosas, here’s what students and their kin told the Magazine about the College they have in common.

She encouraged me to apply, which I was opposed to from the start. She said, “Just apply. You don’t have to go.” Then we visited. After the visit, I was convinced.

- Jillian Johnson ’18

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