Dear Barnard Community,

Beginning next Monday, February 26, Barnard will begin work installing new water lines into Barnard Hall as part of the Francine LeFrak Center for Well-Being renovation. This work, which is anticipated to last about three weeks, will involve digging up a portion of Claremont Avenue to a depth of 5 feet and installing new piping into the building. 

Per our DOT permits, one lane of traffic will be open at all times during the work and no additional parking spaces should be impacted. The single lane of traffic will not stretch far along Claremont and should be similar to the length of the current construction lane. The roads and sidewalks will be fully opened at the end of each working shift, and there will be metal plates and/or pedestrian ramps installed if needed to maintain access.

We will begin staging the site each weekday at 8 a.m., but active work won’t start until 9 a.m. and will end at 4 p.m. We anticipate the initial work of demolition and installing the new piping will take roughly a week and a half to two weeks, depending on what type of rock we hit below the surface, with the remainder of the three week timetable used to backfill and repave the road. As with all construction projects, the timing could change because of issues such as weather; should that happen, we will provide updates.

This work will generate a decent bit of noise with large masonry saws and jackhammers, and we apologize in advance for the disruption. For additional information on the Barnard construction projects, visit the Barnard Builds website and/or email

Barnard Builds