Dear Barnard Community,

We have been made aware of a protest planned on the Barnard campus for Monday afternoon. This protest has not been authorized. Barnard supports peaceful assembly by students, faculty, and staff on our campus for events that are approved in accordance with our Campus Events and Approval Policy. Based on that policy, this, and any unauthorized protest or event, is not permitted. Should organizers wish to schedule an authorized protest or event in the future, the Events Management team will support efforts to do so in accordance with our policies.

Beginning tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m., access to the Barnard campus will be temporarily limited to active CUID card holders with entry at the Barnard main gate, 117th and Broadway and on the Claremont side at 119th. The 119th and Broadway entrance will be closed.  This step acknowledges that people may come to our campus without necessarily sharing our values to maintain safety, free expression, and a sense of community and we wish to protect those that do. Please be sure to plan for a single-line entry to the main gate and Claremont entry as all CUIDs will be scanned.

We also want to make sure that all students are aware of Barnard’s Student Code of Conduct and that those affiliated with unauthorized protests or events are subject to the potential consequences. 

The entrance to Sulzberger Hall will remain open at all times, providing Quad residents access to their rooms. The Brooks Hall entrance will be closed, beginning at 1 p.m. Should you encounter activity that you wish to avoid, we encourage you to go to other spaces on campus such as the Diana or Milstein Centers and to utilize alternative routes around campus. 

If you have additional questions about safety, please reach out to CARES Response with non-emergency questions at 212-854-3362 and CARES Community Safety with emergency requests at 212-854-6666.


Sarah Gillman

Senior Vice President, Strategic Finance and Operations

Leslie Grinage

Vice President for Campus Life and Student Experience and Dean of the College