Headshot of Anooradha Siddiqi


In November, Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, assistant professor of architecture, co-edited an online collection of articles titled “Feminist Architectural Histories of Migration.” Featuring over 20 different authors, this series pushes the boundaries of relations between migration, feminism, and historiography. The collection was launched by events held at the University of Toronto, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Princeton University, featuring Siddiqi, co-editor Rachel Lee, and their collaborators.

The series examines migration as a root for antipatriarchal, antiracist, anticasteist, and antiformalist architectural histories. The authors' and editors' extensive individual research into architectures of migration and architectures created by migrants and displaced people strengthened the investigation's guiding principle of historiographical solidarity. By narrating forms of power in the built environment, the researchers aim to build upon a pedagogy of the oppressed.