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Daniela Kempf

Associate Director of Speaking Program, Lecturer in English


Speaking Fellows, English


213 Barnard Hall
TR 2:30-3:30 pm


Daniela Kempf teaches Public Speaking and Rhetorical Choices in the English department, and First Year Seminar: Reacting to the Past. She manages the Barnard Speaking Program and conducts faculty workshops for speaking across the curriculum. Prof. Kempf has taught speech, debate, leadership and professional communication courses and workshops in the U.S. and across Europe and Asia; she co-authored Argument & Audience: Presenting Debates in Public Settings, a handbook on public debate. 

  • Ph.D. Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • M.A., Emerson College, School of Communication, Journalism and Management
  • B.A., B.S., Zagreb University, Faculty of Philosophy

  • Spoken Rhetoric and Debate
  • Comparative Education
  • Civic Education

  • Public Speaking
  • Reacting to the Past
  • Rhetorical Choices

Argument & Audience: Presenting Debates in Public Settings (May, 2004, International Debate Education Association)