Jennifer Mansfield

Jennifer Mansfield

Professor of Biological Sciences  (On Sabbatical)




1205 Altschul Hall


Jennifer Mansfield studies development and evolution of vertebrate body plans. Research in the lab focuses on the development and evolution of somites, which are embryonic structures that give rise to various musculoskeletal derivatives. We seek to understand how Hox transcription factors regulate the development of somites and their derivatives in order to produce differing musculoskeletal morphologies along the body axis.


  • B.A., Oberlin College
  • Ph.D., Columbia University

  • Developmental genetics
  • Vertebrate development

  • BIOL BC2100 Molecular and Mendelian Genetics
  • BIOL BC3352 Development
  • BIOL BC3304 Topics in Molecular Genetics
  • BIOL BC3305-3306 Project Lab in Molecular Genetics
  • BIOL BC3303 Lab in Molecular Biology
  • BIOL BC3590 Senior Seminar in Evolution of Development

  • 2012 Tow Award for Innovative and Outstanding Pedagogy, Barnard College
  • 2014 Emily Gregory Award, Barnard College
  • 2018 Teaching Excellence Award, Barnard College

Please see full list of publications  here.

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