april 2022 headshot

Sharon Harrison

Professor and Program Director, New Pathways Bridgewater Scholars Program




1006 Milstein Learning Center

Monday, Tuesday 1:30-2:30, and by appointment



Sharon Harrison, Professor of Economics, joined the Barnard faculty in 1997. Professor Harrison's teaching specialties include macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics.

At Barnard, she has taught courses as First Year Seminar: Chaos, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Mathematical Methods for Economics, and Business Cycles.

Professor Harrison's research interests include applied econometrics, business cycle theory, and indeterminacy and sunspots in macroeconomics. Her recent work applies social networks, both theoretically and experimentally,  to try to understand the self-fulfilling nature of expectations as it applies to the models with sunspots and indeterminacy.

Her newest fascination, unintended consequences has also taken her into the lab. Along with collaborators Pietro Battiston and Loran Chollete, she has established the Unintended Consequences Lab. And, in her blog, she interviews authors who have written about some of her favorite examples.


  • B.S. Tufts University
  • M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University

  • Macroeconomics
  • Business cycle theory
  • Indeterminacy and sunspots in macroeconomics
  • Behavioral and experimental economics

  • Mathematical Methods for Economics, Fall 2022

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