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Fellowships & Grants

Barnard College Achieves New Milestone for Fulbright Awards

For the first time since 1949, eight Barnard students and alumnae were selected for the prestigious Fulbright program.


Call of the Wild

Aliza Goldberg ’14 turned her wanderlust into social activism on a 159-day journey across the grueling terrain of the Pacific Crest Trail as she raised money for the International Rescue Committee.


Break This Down: How We Reopen

Professor Rajiv Sethi discusses the roadmap to resuming "normal" life and developing pandemic resilience.


Way Back Wednesday | Amy Talkington ’93

Amy Talkington ’93, whose musical remake of 1983's Valley Girl debuted May 8, says Barnard taught her how to turn her storytelling skills into a TV and film career. (Like, totally.) 

Essentially Barnard

Join the scientific researchers, Olympic-level athletes, published poets, performers, artists, and activists who make up Barnard's nearly 2,600 students and 35,000+ alumnae. In this community, voices command respect and opinions help shape the discourse.

An Education for Tomorrow

  • A Flexible Curriculum You Can Shape

    The Barnard Foundations curriculum encourages you explore widely across disciplines, discover new territory, and then dive deep. It’s structured to ensure that you examine the world through a variety of lenses — the rest is up to you.

  • Advanced Research Opportunities

    You can look up information — but to solve problems, you have to think critically and creatively. At Barnard, you have multiple opportunities to hone these skills through faculty-mentored, structured research in the sciences or humanities.

  • Digital Literacy Across Disciplines

    Dancers research the data of movement. Historians build digital visualizations of complex ideas. You’ll need digital skills whatever your discipline, and Barnard is the first liberal arts school to require that you learn to interpret and create digitally.

Voices & Stories


Amy Sueyoshi '93


Ariella Salimpour ’17


Twyla Tharp '63


Margaret Mead 1923

At Home in New York City

Finding Home on Campus

“At the beginning of the school year, I was introverted and scared, but I’ve joined a dance team called CU Dhoom that's become my favorite part of Barnard. I don't remember the girl I was on move-in day.”
—Agie Neneh Sissoho ’21

At Home With Powerful Women

“You never question a woman holding a position of leadership here. You learn ’this is how it is.’ There's a normalcy given to a woman being successful.”
— Elvita Dominique ’03  

Scoring Points in Brooklyn

She goes by Lavender Menace when she's playing roller derby with Brooklyn's Gotham Girls. At Barnard she's Mia Ciallella ’19, fashion director of the student-run Hoot magazine, peer writing tutor, and community educator.

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