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Asian American Pacific Islander Women You Should Know

For AAPI Heritage Month (May), Barnard professors educate us on the remarkable contributions of lesser-known Asian American women from history.

Academic Excellence

Barnard Announces the Linda A. Bell Award for Collaborative Creativity and Excellence in Teaching

The Center for Engaged Pedagogy received the inaugural award for their tireless commitment to academic excellence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Commencement

The Class of 2021 Celebrates the Beginning of a New Journey

Keynote speaker Christiane Amanpour honors Barnard's graduating seniors, alongside the College, family, and friends.


Feeding Communities From Scratch

In recognition of Stop Food Waste Day (April 28), two students share their passion for community care by reducing food waste around campus and in their hometown. 

Essentially Barnard

Join the scientific researchers, Olympic-level athletes, published poets, performers, artists, and activists who make up Barnard's nearly 2,600 students and 35,000+ alumnae. In this community, voices command respect and opinions help shape the discourse.

An Education for Tomorrow

  • A Flexible Curriculum You Can Shape

    The Barnard Foundations curriculum encourages you explore widely across disciplines, discover new territory, and then dive deep. It’s structured to ensure that you examine the world through a variety of lenses — the rest is up to you.

  • Advanced Research Opportunities

    You can look up information — but to solve problems, you have to think critically and creatively. At Barnard, you have multiple opportunities to hone these skills through faculty-mentored, structured research in the sciences or humanities.

  • Digital Literacy Across Disciplines

    Dancers research the data of movement. Historians build digital visualizations of complex ideas. You’ll need digital skills whatever your discipline, and Barnard is the first liberal arts school to require that you learn to interpret and create digitally.

Voices & Stories


Cecily Morrison '02


DEI Expert


Change Agent


“Barnard is a school that roots for you. Your RA, academic advisor, professors, and classmates all want you to succeed and will provide you with a support system throughout your time at Barnard — and even after. I have never regretted choosing Barnard.”
— Elena Taeyaerts ’21, political science major.

“I fell in love with Barnard when I walked on campus more than 20 years ago — the campus, the incredible women, and NYC! Barnard has taught me how to think, lead, and be confident. Barnard taught me how to give back and pay it forward.”
— Jyoti Menon ’01

“These [dance groups] all have played a huge part in my time here at Barnard — not only have they helped me develop healthy mental and physical practices, but they’ve helped me develop really close friendships.”
— Anna Yokote ’23, environment & sustainability and human rights major

“Barnard taught me that the quality of the work is what matters most. Don’t try to fit [your work] into anything that seems to be interesting to people in any given moment, because all that’s going to change. You’re doing this for yourself.”
— Mary Beth Keane ’99

“Reflecting on the past semester and a half, I can’t imagine embarking on the roller coaster of college anywhere but at Barnard, among the beautiful, diverse, incredible community.”
— Defne Egbo ’23, sociology major

“From the moment I arrived on campus, Barnard pulled something out of me that I didn’t know was there — a voice from a void, cropping up sometimes in conversation with my transfer buddies and in class discussion, and most often in my papers.”
— Nina Sharma ’05

“Since I stepped foot on Barnard’s campus, I was encouraged to pursue my inquisitive nature. In all my classes, science or not, I was taught to speak up and ask questions. As a Beckman Scholar, I utilized these questioning skills to delve deeper into my research and advance science.”
— Rachel Nordlicht ’20

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