Barnard Global

Our world is increasingly defined by the global exchange of ideas, people, technology, and capital. In order to play an active part in this exchange, we at Barnard are constantly thinking about ways to expand our opportunities to go beyond the boundaries of our city and our country and to& engage with the world. This goal is especially important to us because, in every corner of the world, women play a critical role in their societies—in the evolution of a culture's ethics and values, in the economic development and entrepreneurial activities of a society, and in the structure and stability of their families. And yet, all too often women are constrained by a lack of access to education, as well as a lack of confidence in their potential to make or to influence change. Barnard strives to play a role in addressing these gaps, not only by bringing together young women from around the world to study together and to think critically about the complex realities of a globally connected world, but also by engaging in dialogue with women and men around the world to explore the many ways that we can continue to work toward societies that offer equal opportunities for women and men.

At Barnard, preparing our graduates to flourish in different and often challenging cultural surroundings is a vital part of our mission. Several offices across the campus collaborate on enhancing and expanding the College's global curriculum, outreach, partnerships and opportunities.  The Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs (IISP), works primarily with Barnard students to help them become active leaders and conscientious members of our increasingly global society. Barnard faculty members can also work strategically with the Dean of International Programs and Global Initiatives housed in the Provost's office, developing the connections, courses, and expertise that shape the College’s international focus and character.

Today, with students, programs, partners, research collaborations and alumnae around the world, Barnard College's global footprint reaches over 65 countries.