Course Information Sources Online

Course Catalogue

Barnard's online Course Catalogue (CourseLeaf)  is the official source of all academic information and policies. The Catalogue includes resources for students such as a list of current faculty, financial aid information, student life information, course listings and major/minor requirements in each academic department and program, and more.

Course Inventory Management (CIM)

CIM is a system for managing online academic course and program information throughout the University. All Instructors and Department Assistants and Administrators have access to the system, and through it can change existing courses and submit new course proposals. All substantive changes and new course proposals automatically go to the Committee on Instruction (COI) through CIM workflow, and once the change or new course is approved, CIM publishes it. Departments and programs can pull published course content to be displayed in the Barnard College Online Course Catalogue and on departmental websites.

For more information regarding submitting new course proposals and course changes to the COI through CIM, please see the Proposing or Changing a Course page.


CourseWorks is a university-wide course management system.  It is a web-based publishing environment that allows instructors to post syllabi, assignments, and any kind of file (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, PDF.)  CourseWorks offers many other features such as sending emails to the class and hosting a class-related discussion board. The system is also used for course evaluations. Log in with your Columbia UNI and password.

For help with using CourseWorks, please contact IMATS (Instructional Media and Technology Services) at

Textbook Information

To comply with federal guidelines under the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), instructors must provide students with textbook information by entering it into CourseWorks.  A textbook is defined as any book with an ISBN.  The textbook information entered into CourseWorks need not be complete, and can be updated at any time.  If the course does not have required textbooks, instructors must indicate so in CourseWorks.  Textbook information must be available to students every year by the time of advance program planning in April and November.

Instructions for Adding Textbook Information to CourseWorks Canvas: 

1. First click "Textbook" in the left-hand side menu.

2. If there are NO required textbooks for your course, click the "No textbooks" check-box under "Textbook Information," and then click "Save."

3. If there ARE required textbooks for your course, click the "Add Textbooks" button on the top menu bar.

4. Enter the 10-digit or 13-digit textbook ISBN and click "Get Book Info." If the item is found, information about the book will appear below. You can then select "Add as Required" or "Add as Recommended," as appropriate. The book will then be added to your textbook list.

Instructors may find more information in the online FAQ at