Student Jobs

Searching and Applying for On- and Off-Campus Jobs

Step 1: Search for on- and off-campus jobs.

  • Use BarnardWorks to search for on- and off-campus opportunities. New jobs are posted daily!
  • Remember that you can always have your resume and/or cover letter reviewed at Beyond Barnard when you're applying. 

Step 2: Complete your employment paperwork.

  • Take a look at the required forms, as well as information about Drop-In Hours.
  • Download each form, fill it out, and save it to your computer.
  • Important: print your forms, sign them, and bring them to Elliott Hall along with acceptable ID for your I-9.
  • All forms can be dropped off at Beyond Barnard during our daily Drop-In Hours (12-1PM, Elliott Hall, Second Floor), during which we can also help you with any other uestions you might have. 

Step 3: Begin working and logging your hours.

  • Your supervisor will hire you on BarnardWorks.
  • You’ll fill out your timesheets and send them to your supervisor for approval every two weeks.

Where Can You Work?

Federal Work-Study award and Barnard College Job award recipients, as well as non-aid students can work at any on-campus positions.  Students who receive a Federal Work-Study award may work on Columbia's campus in participating departments. Additionally, students may use their Federal Work-Study award in a variety of jobs with Beyond Barnard's Civic Engagement Partners. 

Financial Aid Considerations

Many students receive either a Federal Work Study (FWS) award or a Barnard College Job (BCJ) award as part of their financial aid package.

Please note: Students cannot earn beyond their work awards. If you see that your award is running low and you wish to continue working, please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible for an increase.

Federal Work Study Awards (FWS)

Students with a FWS award are granted awards based on their financial need. These awards are federally subsidized, and students may work on campus at Barnard or Columbia. Students may also use their Federal Work-Study award in a variety of jobs with Beyond Barnard's Civic Engagement Partners. 

Barnard College Job Awards (BCJ)

Students with a BCJ award have been designated an amount of money they can earn as part of their financial aid package. This amount can only be used for jobs on Barnard’s campus and cannot be earned at Columbia or other off-campus locations.

More About BarnardWorks

BarnardWorks is the site where you will find JobX and TimesheetX. Employers can post student employment opportunities on JobX allowing students to apply online. Employers are then able to review applications and hire directly from JobX seamlessly sending the hire to TimesheetX. Students can then record their hours on TimesheetX to get paid. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at