Focus Series

Arts Focus

Connect with professionals at museums, art galleries, dance studies, theaters, and other cultural institutions to think about how to leverage your interest and/or background in the arts in the context of a career in a range of for- and non-profit organizations.

Consulting Focus

As an industry, consulting presents opportunities to dive directly into a huge range of industries and questions. Get insight into the recruitment processes and range of possibilities for careers in consulting.

Finance Focus

Financial services has become one of the top industry destinations for early-career Barnard students. Learn about everything from investment banking and wealth management, to operations, compliance, and financial markets—along with important topics confronting the industry now—in Finance Focus.

Tech Focus

From front-end, back-end, and fullstack, to UX and AI — and lots in between, there are tons of roles in development in the tech industry. But there are also a whole host of jobs in tech that are not necessarily technical: business development, communications, sales, and more. Get an introduction to the companies that have become house hold names in the last several decades, and get a sense of what "counts" as a tech career now.

Law Focus

How do you navigate your way from a first internship at a law firm or legal advocacy organization through the LSAT to law school? And how do you choose among the many options for defining a legal career along the way? Law Focus breaks down assumptions about law school and legal careers, and puts students in front of law students, lawyers, and other legal practitioners.

Helping students gain an understanding, not only of job descriptions and application processes, but also the important issues at the heart of industries that have attracted so many graduates in the past decade. 

Thinking Beyond the Job Application

The Focus Series began as a means of helping to demystify the kinds of roles that comprise complex (and often confusing) industries. Today, it has become a multi-industry event and workshop series that provides semester-long insights into a range of fields that are popular with Barnard students, welcoming employers and alums to help provide expert on-the-ground guidance and perspective (while connecting students to specific opportunities).

Students are often generally aware of law school, but don't have visibility on the many different ways to practice as an attorney — let alone the issues and decisions that individuals face when considering a career. The same goes for popular fields and destinations including the arts, finance, nonprofits, tech, and consulting. Concurrently, employers are enthusiastic to provide more than the typical/traditional information session. They're excited to bring to Barnard practitioners in their field to help students build skills and knowledge to make them better candidates.

The Focus Series represents some of Beyond Barnard's best collaborations with Corporate and Philanthropic Partners. It allows employers to connect with students they know are committed to their industry. And it expands and deepens recruiting conversations, helping students think about their motivation to pursue a particular field. Questions about the Focus Series? Ask

2024 FOCUS Series Kick-off Conversations! 

Friday, January 26, 10:00am - 2:45pm | Milstein LL002 

Exploring careers in a variety of industries is easier than ever! FOCUS is a series of conversations with industry professionals in the arts, finance, tech, consulting, law and nonprofit worlds. Delve into each industry through panels, talks and Q&As and connect with insiders about trends, industry challenges, employment, application processes, and so much more.

  • 10:00am -10:45am: Finance Focus, Careers in Finance  |  Register
  • 11:00am - 11:45am: Nonprofit Focus Register
  • 12:00pm -12:45pm: Tech Focus  |  Register
  • 1:00pm - 1:45pm: Arts Focus  |  Register
  • 2:00pm - 2:45pm: Consulting Focus  |  Register