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Keep It Local Guide

Our community is home to many amazing minority- and women-owned businesses. To learn more about these businesses, please visit our continually updated database

Winter Break in NYC

Staying in NYC over the break?

Take a look at this list of curated activities and events to check out in New York over the break!

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Find Your Pathway to Engagement

CE&I is charged with fostering an ecosystem of civic and community engagement for the College, community leaders, and stakeholders across Harlem and the city through innovative, inclusive, authentic, and lasting opportunities. CE&I seeks to inspire civic participation and a commitment to tackling critical social justice issues locally, nationally, and globally through four key principles: Community, Empowerment, Innovation, and Respect of sustained engagement and partnerships.

CEI’s role is to unite the many activities of the College in relation to community engagement. The idea is to consolidate, coordinate, and promote the College’s current activities while also seeking out new opportunities that will allow the College and its students to expand sustained community engagement efforts. We do this in three ways:

Engaged Scholarship

Social & Community Impact

Civic Engagement

Ten Ways to Engage NYC Communities On and Off Campus

How Students Can Get Engaged

From our STEAM in the City program to pop-up tutoring, there are many ways to get engaged! 

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