The Future Is Bright

Barnard’s Young Alums Are Leading the Way

Young alums are an integral part of the Barnard alum community. They have that same fierce Barnard spirit we all share but are closely connected to current students and bring a vital perspective to giving back that speaks directly to today’s student experience. They make gifts to Barnard, volunteer to mentor students, plan and attend Barnard events, and touch every corner of the Barnard community — they are dedicated to the College and help to identify and address the most pressing needs of current students. 

As our community continues to grow, adapt, and thrive, our amazing group of young alums sets an inspiring example for the generations of Barnard alums that follow them. Together, we are fostering a culture of mutual support that will serve students for years to come.

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Barnard is the gift that keeps on giving. I am grateful for my time at Barnard and all of the experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to have as a student and now as an alum. Giving to Barnard means supporting future generations of Barnard women, ensuring that they are able to have access to an incredible and rewarding education at an all-women’s institution, just as I had. Additionally, I’m acutely aware of the disparities in endowments between women’s colleges and their counterparts and know that giving to Barnard is crucial to ensuring the continued growth and success of the community we treasure.

Lili Cohen ’19
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“I want to empower young women and give them access to a Barnard education, and alum donations play a huge part in that. Even though I graduated only recently, I try to help however I can. Every dollar counts!” —Rafaella Fontana Ferreira ’22

“Knowing that the next generation of brilliant leaders will come through Barnard motivates me to donate.” —Phanésia Pharel ’21

Natasha Lerner

“I give to Barnard so I can help others have the same transformative experience that I had.” —Natasha Lerner ’21

Jessica Carroccio

“I’m motivated to ensure Barnard students have the resources and networks they need to have successful careers after college.” —Jessica Carroccio ’13  

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“Going to Barnard was an absolutely transformative experience for me, both academically and personally. Barnard empowered me to explore big questions confidently and cultivate lifelong friendships. I give back what I can to Barnard out of deep gratitude and in support of current and future students.” Alexandra Gluckman ’20

Barnard was the best possible college experience I could have asked for. It allowed me to discover parts of my identity I never realized were so important to me, hone skills that are instrumental to me now in my field, and develop friendships that mean the world to me. I give back to Barnard not just out of gratitude for everything Barnard has done for me but because I recognize how important alum involvement is in making Barnard the inclusive and supportive community I have grown to love, and to preserve that community for future generations of Barnard students
and alums.

Julia Betancourt ’21
Alexa Easter

“I am motivated to give to Barnard because, as a student, I received significant financial aid from the College. Additionally, Barnard punches above its weight with the funds we do have. Every dollar is used strategically to help individuals and the institution thrive.” —Alexa Easter ’23

“As someone who wouldn't have been able to afford Barnard without financial aid, I want to give other students the opportunity to obtain a world-class education.” —Rina Factor ’21

Kashaf Doha

“Making sure low-income students have the resources to level the playing field motivates me to give back to Barnard. As a first-generation, low-income student at Barnard, I had a fair shot at education through financial aid and resources designed for people like me. It only makes sense to give back to a community that has given me so much.” —Kashaf Doha ’19 

I give because there is only one Barnard. I know that my contribution, regardless of the size, will play a vital role in turning the extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience I had into a reality for countless remarkable women who will also choose to make Barnard their home.

Leila Baadarani ’22
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