​​Life Lessons

By Sooji Park ’90

Sooji Park headshot on campus. She is wearing a white dress and has her arms crossed

Dear Brave, Bold, Beautiful Barnard Family,

Life lessons are everywhere if we choose to see them. Earlier this spring, I went for a beautiful pre-dawn run along the Mississippi River. Then I hit a dip in the cobblestone and fell big time — my shoulder, knees, and knuckles were all scraped up.

It hurt, I was embarrassed, and I replayed the fall in my head, again and again.

I want to encourage you, my Barnard friends who are in a transition period either personally and/or professionally: We all fall down sometimes — what we do after is what’s important. So as your AABC president, I want you to know that I’m here to support you and to champion your success — let’s all go crush it!

And remember, our community is over 38,000 strong. You are not alone: Our network of alums is filled with more than classmates; we are friends and resources to one another.

As we celebrate the many beginnings, endings, and transitions that this season brings, I’m looking forward to staying connected with you, my Barnard family!

Summer arrives with warm weather and fresh opportunities, including Barnard|Next, a newly launched lifelong learning initiative from Beyond Barnard, draws from the best of Barnard, offering alums the opportunity to network and dialogue around critical topics. Learn more: Barnard.edu/next

Finally, I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest alumnae, the Class of 2024, as well as to the new group of women who are preparing to begin their remarkable Barnard journey. In the coming months, alums across the U.S. and around the world will gather with incoming students for the beautiful Summer Send-Off tradition. I’m hoping to attend as many as possible, and I hope to see you there! There is no better time than the present to get engaged/reengaged with Barnard. Reach out to your local alumnae club to welcome the newest members of our brave, bold community!

I’m excited to share so many opportunities for this beloved community — from those who are just entering it to those who have been a part of it for many decades — to come together, learn from one another, support one another, and flourish.

I’m grateful for each of you! I want to see you! Sending a virtual hug until we meet in person or online. Live and lead with purpose. We are #BetterTogether.

With gratitude,

Sooji Park ’90

AABC President, Alumnae Trustee


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