Medical Assistance

If you have been assaulted, consider visiting an ER (where you will likely find staff such as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, who are trained in working with individuals who experience sexual violence).  Medical professionals can help you  - check for injuries, be screened and educated regarding sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy and to collect evidence.

Evidence collection in NYC does not require you to file a police report, but preserving evidence allows you options.  For the purposes of evidence collection, it is recommended that you avoid eating/drinking, showering, brushing your teeth or changing your clothes.  Even if you have done any of these things, evidence can still be collected and it remains important that you seek medical attention.  You may wish to bring a change of clothes with you (or have a friend bring you a change of clothes) when you do seek medical attention.

These steps promptly after an incident can be very helpful in later criminal proceedings and/or in seeking a civil order of protection. The medical treatment resources listed below can provide treatment for injuries and for potential exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. They also provide emergency contraception and other health services. They can assist in preserving evidence of documenting any injuries, including by helping you connect with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, who is specially trained to collect evidence (collect a rape kit).

On Campus Resources

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