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“We are pleased to announce that Nan Rothschild, Prof. Emerita of Anthropology at Barnard, with her co-authors, has won this year’s Popular Book Award of the Society for American Archaeology for Buried Beneath the City: An Archaeological History of New York (2022, Columbia University Press).






In celebration of Black History Month, the College is republishing the story below with community members who discussed the importance of mentoring and retaining Black women who are interested in the sciences. 

This course is concerned with two interrelated topics: 1) the long, complicated history of voyages to Latin America; and 2) the myriad and evolving ways voyagers to the region have portrayed its landscapes, people, food, festivals, and more. The course will move chronologically from the 15thcentury to the present, with each week devoted to grappling with a type of voyage characteristic of a given era.