Twice a year, outstanding students from Barnard’s junior and graduating classes are selected for membership into the Phi Beta Kappa Society — the nation’s oldest academic honor society — based on the exceptional quality and breadth of their general scholarship as undergraduates. 

New inductees are elected by Barnard faculty, who are themselves members of Phi Beta Kappa, and will be officially inducted into the society at a ceremony on May 16, 2023.  

Phi Beta Kappa fosters and promotes the liberal arts through the scholarships and awards it gives to people who have excelled in the liberal arts and sciences. Congratulations to the 15 new members, representing Barnard College, for fall 2022:

  • Emma R. Barbarette ’23 (French)
  • Marcella A.Corwin ’23  (Psychology)
  • Alia E. Derriey ’23 (English, History)
  • Eliana B. Elikan ’23 (Biology)
  • Jenna L. Everard ’23 (Computer Science, Environmental Biology)
  • Eve F. Glazier ’23 (American Studies)
  • Adeline Hu ’22 (Psychology)
  • Hana M. Illikkal ’23 (Biochemistry)
  • Claire A. Lempert ’23 (Economics)
  • Madeline S. Liberman ’23 (French, Francophone Studies, Urban Studies)
  • Dahlia A. Luongo ’23 (Medical Anthropology)
  • Amelia S. Pappas-Horii ’23 (English)
  • Bella M. Watts ’22 (Ancient Studies)
  • Alexandra R. Zehner ’23 (Neuroscience & Behavior)
  • Amy L. Zhang  ’23 (Economics, Math)