In September 2020, anthropological research conducted by Tami Navarro was published in Anthrosource, an online directory of anthropology journals. The article identifies how recent economic developments in the Caribbean have begun to shift gender ideologies in the region. Informed by her time working with women in the Economic Development Commission (EDC) program, Navarro observes how these ideological changes are in large part due to women's increasing involvement in economic processes in the Caribbean. 

Navarro has worked as the Associate Director at the Barnard Center for Research on Women since 2014, becoming part of its mission to connect and support feminist scholars and activists. The intersection of women's studies with Caribbean studies and labor has long been a point of interest for Navarro, who is currently working on a manuscript about how new financial services in the U.S. Virgin Islands have missed their intended purpose and instead have further entrenched racist and sexist institutions.