Dear Barnard community,
We are pleased to share that beginning the week of December 12, you should start to see work on the new Francine A. LeFrak Foundation Center for Well Being in Barnard Hall. As we mentioned in our email earlier this fall, while we are excited about this project, we also know that construction on campus can be disruptive and inconvenient at times. We will be doing our best to minimize this disruption, and will keep you informed as the project moves along this winter and spring.

We will be taking the opportunity to do quite a bit of demolition work during the winter break while most of our campus community is away. You can see below the schedule for the next few months. As with all construction projects, the dates below are subject to change. We will continue to update you throughout the project and will contact you immediately should there be any major impacts or changes that come up during the coming months. Please remember to observe signage and avoid limited access or restricted access areas. The impacts over the next few months will include:

Weeks of December 12 and December 19

•    Construction of a temporary entrance shed will begin on the Claremont Avenue side of Barnard Hall.
•    8-10 parking spaces on the east side of Claremont will be taken off-line and dedicated to construction vehicles for the duration of the project.
•    Limited lane closures on Claremont will occur and/or packer trucks for debris removal will be located on the east side of the street. Sidewalks may occasionally be unavailable for a few minutes as well. Flaggers will direct all vehicular and pedestrian traffic accordingly.
•    Temporary construction enclosures will be built on the lower level and mezzanine of the building; bathrooms and locker rooms on these levels will be closed for the duration of the project (except as provided for specific requests during reading period week).
•    Some limited demolition and construction will occur within the old gymnasium space on the first floor.
•    No construction will occur on Monday, December 26 due to the holiday.
Week of December 26

•    Construction workers will begin the interior demolition on the lower and mezzanine levels of Barnard Hall, and will be moving that debris to trucks parked along Claremont. There may be brief periods when the tunnel between Barnard Hall and the Milstein Center is temporarily closed.
•    Work this week will likely be noisy and vibrations are expected in the lower level tunnel, and on the first and second floors.
•    Limited lane closures may occur and and/or trucks for debris removal may be parked along Claremont. Sidewalks may occasionally be unavailable for a few minutes as well.
•    No construction will occur on Monday, January 2 due to the New Year’s holiday.
Weeks of January 3 and January 9

•    Work from the week of December 26 will continue.
•    Installation of steel for new stair openings may cause a gas-like, non-toxic odor in the building.
•    Workers will enlarge the masonry opening for construction entrance on Claremont. The work when cutting through the masonry will be quite loud, but it should take no more than three days to complete the opening. We will send a separate notice to those who work in Barnard Hall once we know the days this work will be done.
Spring Semester

•    Demolition on areas of the first floor of Barnard Hall will begin.
•    Steel installation will continue throughout the construction site.
•    General construction activities will continue throughout the site.
•    There may be a higher frequency of material deliveries that result in partial lane and sidewalk closures along Claremont.
•    No construction will occur on January 16 due to the Martin Luther King holiday.
For additional information on the Barnard Hall construction project, visit Barnard Builds website and/or email for questions or concerns. Thank you and happy holidays!

Barnard Builds