Every year, for more than a decade, Barnard College has hosted Big Sub, a campuswide sandwich-fest that brings students out in droves. This year, on October 17, 2019, the College continued the tradition of bringing community together around a massive 750-foot-long submarine sandwich, carefully stuffed by hand in Barnard’s kitchen by the College’s dining service, Chartwells. Chicken, turkey, ham, and vegetables joined gluten-free and kosher options to offer a free meal for all appetites and preferences. While the sandwiches were enjoyed as quickly as they appeared, hours of planning and many ingredients were behind the labor of food prep love that goes into Barnard’s long-standing tradition.

Big Sub: By the Numbers

Total length of the sub 750 feet 
Turkey 320 pounds
Ham 175 pounds
Chicken salad 120 pounds
Vegan 60 feet
Kosher 48 feet
Planning meetings 12
Hands on deck 6 chefs
Prep time 48 hours
Time it takes to consume 15 minutes

Watch a video of the event below, including a behind-the-scenes interview with campus executive chef Brian DuHart, who shares what it takes to make a sandwich the size of three baseball fields:

And check out a slideshow of photos from Big Sub on Futter Field, where 750 feet of sandwich turned to inches in mere minutes after students dove in. At Barnard, Big Sub waits for no one:

Big Sub 2019